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Thursday, January 26, 2023

I have an inquiry from a friend/reader inquiring if I know an attorney that can help with evicting somebody’s boat out of a boat rental spot “that is behind in rent and went ghost”. I presume in South Florida. I do not even know where to begin. Is it an admiralty issue or a landlord tenant matter? Any help would be appreciated.


Guess no one should be surprised. Apparently, Trump declared himself the winner of his club’s golf championship despite not playing the first round. If I understand correctly what happened, he counted a practice round before the tournament started.

If we follow this thinking to its illogical conclusion, if Trump gets the 2024 nomination or maybe even if he does not, he will count the votes he got in 2020 in at least the swing states. This is a new form of tacking similar to when I ask “how long are you married?” and the answer is “50 years, 25 to my first wife, 15 to my second wife and 10 to my third wife”.

By the way, I know we are far from the oldest people on the cruise as several passengers are in their 90’s. However, since our 62nd wedding anniversary to each other is in about six weeks, we may be married the longest.


Marjorie Taylor Greene has announced she wants to be Trump’s running mate. This is the ticket from hell, but I am rooting for it. Maybe I am wrong, again, but even I do not think the electorate could be that stupid.


I like that we are getting tanks to Ukraine.


Last night we had a really nice dinner at Keller’s with Luca, the ship’s director from Umbria, and a young man from South Africa, Tiaan, the Cruise Sales Specialist on our cruise. He sells future cruises and says business is brisk. In two weeks 28 new cruises have been booked.

A really pleasant surprise, amazing actually, was the show last night. Instead of the usual imported act, our cruise director Ross Roberts put on a show. It was be best show of the cruise and maybe the best show I have seen on any cruise. The man was just terrific in every way.


We are scheduled to leave the ship by tender at 1 p.m. tomorrow to see Easter Island. Hopefully, the water will be calm enough to allow the tenders to operate. We are scheduled to stay overnight and depart Saturday evening. What I do not know is what happens if we cannot get off the ship tomorrow, Friday. Will we stay and try again Saturday or move on to our next port which is Papeete, French Polynesia?


Who will be head of the National,Republican Party? There is an outside possibility it could be the My Pillow guy. Oh my! Anyway the vote is upcoming by secret ballot and the incumbent, although I understand favored, is no cinch.


When our ship docks in Barcelona on May 27, it sails for ten days from Barcelona to Monte Carlo with the next-to-last port near our home in Florence. We thought of extending our cruise to do that but it did not work out.

It also does not appear we will be able to leave the ship for one night in Bunbury to spend more time with our friends in Perth.

Sorry this post is late but I've been trying to find a guide on Easter Island who does not want my first born as a fee. Guide wanted $1200 to take the two of us for five hours tomorrow and about the same time on Saturday.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan


Go Ukraine

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