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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Most of the kinks worked out on the cruise ship, but we learn something everyday. Not all makes sense, but then again, most of the world doesn’t make sense.

I wanted to make a lunch reservation in San Andres, Colombia. Went to Guest Services and asked a nice lady to call the restaurant, the number for which I handed her.

I was told that Seabourn could not call to make reservations off the ship because the company feared liability if something went wrong. I told her I was a lawyer, that my middle name was ”Loophole” and asked her if she could dial the number from her phone and let me speak. She agreed and dialed for me, but as I left, I told her that maybe Seabourn needed me to sign a release because it was now an accomplice in case there was a problem. I figured if the driver who drove Willie Sutton to the bank to rob it committed a crime, the person who dialed the restaurant where something bad happened is equally liable. ——————————- Yesterday was a sea day. Very pleasant. Met a lot of the crew at mid-morning coffee and throughout the day. Attended the Captain’s Reception, then dinner at Thomas Keller’s, then a show. Ship presently has 319 passengers and 323 crew, so service is unbelievable.

Still no television and internet leaves a great deal to be desired. Nonetheless, the crew is trying so hard to please that it's my sense those who have been disgruntled are less so.

One other really nice thing happened onboard yesterday. When we set up our office, including two computers and a printer, we were unable to set up the Alexa we brought. The ship’s very nice and I think able IT person (who by the way needs help Seabourn has not yet provided) explained why but the explanation was way way beyond our level of comprehension.

We accepted that it could not be done, and maybe it still cannot, but yesterday, unsolicited, Andreas came to our cabin, took the Alexa and is going to try to get it to work. That would be particularly nice without television and very limited ability to listen to music. For example, there is music that one can listen to by turning on the television. There is one Willie Nelson album. If we had Alexa, we could listen to more than two hours of Willie Nelson, or Sinatra or many other great artists. This is just one example of how hard the crew is trying to please. —————————— It looks like the Marlins are either trading or have already traded Rojas. I do not like that. —————————— I see the House Republicans are already running amuck. I am not going to get too aggravated because the Senate will never approve this total crap, and even if it does, the President will veto it. Every once in a while, the concept we used to be taught of checks and balances comes in handy.

What all Americans, not just Democrats, should be increasingly pissed off about, is that the House is now practically worthless when it comes to -- pardon the expression -- “actually governing”. It is obvious that in the next two years, a lot of time, money and other resources will be expended so that the radical right can do a lot of grandstanding.

Hopefully, the rest of the Country will keep careful track of all the stupid and wasteful things that are coming and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine in the next election. When I have a vexatious lawyer on the other side, I keep a running list so that when we have a fee hearing, I can point out to the judge all the reasons I am entitled to fees and/or my opponent should be sanctioned. If truth be told, because most of our State Judges do not have the guts, this works not nearly as much as it should. —————————— I think the chances of the Dolphins beating the Bills this Sunday is so remote that I refuse to read any articles about the game. You know the kind that are like”Here is what each team has to do to win,” or “What happens when Miami has the ball” (we pray for a first down). Or ”What happens when Buffalo has the ball?” (we pray every play does not result in a score). —————————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————- Go Ukraine

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