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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Time to start connecting some dots and I am not talking just about many Republicans who have to be exhausted walking around with their heads up their asses denying even irrefutable facts even when they see their own words.

I am also talking about some Democrats who, even if they acknowledge Biden accomplished quite a bit but is too old and not energetic enough to have a second term. Since all our crystal balls are broken, no one knows what kind of shape, if any, we will be in two years from now. I can only say that, at the present time, anyone who thinks Joe Biden is not capable of doing the job, is to use a legal phrase “full of shit”.

Any trial lawyer will understand it when I say that when a trial ends, you are damn tired

even lawyers 40 years younger than I need a few days to gear up again. Preparing for and trying a case is an energizing process.

How energizing was it for Biden, with the help of his speech writers to prepare for and deliver the State of the Union address? I am not an expert, but I know enough to know that what Biden did took a huge effort, and whatever your politics, the man did a great job and clearly held his own. I would go further and say he did a great job and made the Republicans look like bigger fools than ever before.

Then, yesterday morning, immediately after this really Herculean effort, Biden was in Wisconsin giving another major address being energized and charming. Come on folks, how many of you, no matter what your age, could do what some of you describe as a dottering old man did?

I teach start and end your arguments with you best point. Here is mine. You are simply wrong, as we sit here now, to think Biden is not capable of being President. Moreover, I have heard no names that could give him a run for his money. If I had to pick an alternate Democratic ticket, I would pick the Governors of California and Michigan.


We had a nice day in Bora Bora. Last time we were here, I wrote that there may be no more beautiful place in the world. It is still gorgeous.

We had a very good lunch at a terrific restaurant and bar overlooking the lagoon Fish we ate was caught that morning and service could not have been better. The read on Bora Bora is really good as is, I am told, the local beer. Never left our cabin once we returned and all had for dinner is two scoops of sorbet Barbara brought me from the coffee bar on her way back to the gym.

Our experience, now twice, is that the people in Bora Bora are far friendlier and nice than in Tahiti. The lady shopkeeper so referred us to the restaurant offered to drive us, but it was walking distance so we walked. Humidity got to me some walking back to the ship but I made it.

One other observation about the two places we have been so far in French Polynesia is that almost everyone has some kind of tattoo. The nursing homes will sure look different in forty or fifty years.

However, and now your wealth of knowledge has increased by leaps and bounds, when I googled “ where are the most people tattooed”, Italy was number 1 at 48% and Sweden number 2 at 47%. Israel was last at 25% I never noticed all the tattoos in Italy because most are covered up. In French Polynesia most people hardly wear clothes and a bikini can consist of two Band-Aids and a cork.


President Zelenskyy visited both London and Paris yesterday. I cannot even wrap my brain around the amount of security that had to be put in place for these visits. The man is remarkable. Bet not many political creatures in Ukraine say their President lacks sufficient energy to run for a second term.


I do think there is much merit in criticizing the job Jamie Harrison has done. He should be replaced.

I am also concerned about the loss of Biden’s Chief of Staff. Ron Klain did a great job.


Today we are, by tender as we did yesterday, stopping at Maroe Bay, Huahine Iti, French Polynesia. Never been here. Told just another ho-hum gorgeous place for those who snorkel and do other things in the water that barely water safe people like me do not do. I am sure we will get off the boat, see the eel and a famous bridge and come back to the ship. It is a short day anyway because we pull-up anchor at 4.30 p.m. to head for one more island. Then, we sail for several days and cross the international date line, I believe on Monday.


Bad day in the market yesterday. Futures today look promising. What is significant to me is the huge volatility in the market. It used to be that, on most days, I would make a little or lose a little, but there were only occasionally would there be a big swing up or down. Now, for many reasons, almost every day the markets makes a huge move one way or the other. The stock market now has more actions than Vegas. On weekends, I sometimes remark to Barbara “the casino is closed”.


Up because went to bed very early. Figured I would post this early for readers on EST who liked receiving these posts early in the day.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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