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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Never thought I would write this, but when this cruise is over on May 27, I am going to need a vacation. Once again, I plopped into bed totally exhausted, but at least it was about 11 p.m. when I did so. I had not. Written a word of today’s post, and there was no chance I could. I got up at a little after 2:30 a.m and started writing this. I have not missed a day writing something for almost three years and so here I am. Pardon the typos, overlook any incoherent ramblings and I will tell you about yesterday.

It was the first of three consecutive sea days on the way to Cairn, Australia where, weather allowing, we are scheduled to visit the Great Barrier Reef. This time, Barbara brought her own equipment. I, being barely water safe, will stay on the catamaran, visit with other fellow non swimmers and read.

I had been so exhausted on Wednesday that I totally skipped dinner and went to bed by 6 p.m. cannot remember when I got up, but it was about 5 a.m and, of course, I was fully rested. Not only was I rejuvenated, there was really nothing I had to do or I thought could do, to be totally exhausted on a sea day.

Things started out slow enough. I did my normal stretching routine which takes about 15 minutes, had a leisurely breakfast in the cabin and then went down the hall to the lounge with my iPad to read and visit with any passengers or crew that cared to visit. I did make some notes about what I wanted to say in the lecture I am giving on Saturday afternoon, but none of this should be tiring.

My first activity was not until noon when we had trivial pursuit. My team tied for third with my biggest contribution being I knew Verdi composed “Rigoletto”. I was surprised that the two highly educated Germans on our team did not know the year the Berlin Wall went up which was 1957.

I then had just a couple of minutes to meet Barbara, who had played bridge, and gone to the gym, of course, at poolside where our cruise director put on the best show of the entire cruise. Ross Roberts is literally a phenom among other songs he sang, his version of “I Am What I Am” from “Cage” literally made me cry. Only George Hearn, who originated the role and won the Tony for it, has ever sung this gut wrencher better than Ross. Here's a video of Hearn performing that number:

Had some lunch out at the pool after the show and went to poker, but there was no game yesterday. There is one today, but I have another Sommelier’s lunch and not sure I can get to poker. I have not had much of an appetite and could easily miss another huge lunch, but one of the wines is Opus 1 and I think these luncheons are the only meals on board that Barbara has raved about.

We are on this whole cruise because I wanted to go more than she did not, so the least I can do is do this lunch. We thought it was next week and only learned at dinner last night it was today.

I then met with Ross to go over the details of the lecture I am giving. We met in the bar on deck 10 at 3:30. At 4 p.m. they have High Tea in this bar. We had never gone. It is really nice with live music, great pastries, a huge assortment of teas and a crepes Suzette bar. I had only tea but sat and talked with a nice couple that I actually met through Barbara.

We then got ready to attend a very nice party given by Seabourn to honor members of the Seabourn Club. We were ready early so went back to the bar on deck 10 where Bruno sings and plays really nice music. I had half a glass of Prosecco in the bar and nothing at the party and Barbara had nothing.

We then went to Keller’s to have dinner with out transplanted South African friends who now live in Boca Raton in Steffi Graff’s old compound in the Polo Club. Not sure who else will be “keepers” as friends from this cruise. There are a few others but, for sure these people we will see after the cruise.

Somehow dinner lasted about three hours. The visiting guest chef made some special dishes and the conversation was really interesting. I had maybe two glasses of wine so I really cannot figure out why I could not wait to get into bed right after returning to our cabin. Maybe it is just my age catching up with me and I think I can still go at a pace that is now a stretch.

I am looking forward to speaking. Whether anyone shows up besides Barbara remains to be seen. Subject is prenuptial, post nuptial and cohabitation agreements. I have 45 minutes. I speak without notes so I never know exactly what I will say. I think my first words will be “I do not mind that, if while I am speaking, you look at your watch, but I will resent if you take it off and shake it”.


Have no idea of what happened in the world yesterday. I imagine SOS.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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