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Thursday, February 2, 2023

The big news from yesterday is that my team won trivial pursuit. Not one team knew where Venetian blinds were invented (Japan) and only two teams, we were not one of them, knew the country with the first stock exchange (Belgium). We got all the other question. My joke "how do you make a Venetian blind? Poke him in the eye" did not get us any points but garnered some laughs. Barbara and I then attended the lunch in the galley which was terrific. The best food on the cruise so far. Everyone had to wear masks. There was a vast improvement with the internet so the incumbent was much happier. We had a very nice dinner at Keller’s, just the two of us, and then saw a terrific show. The best sea day by far.


Does anyone care that Tom Brady retired——-again? I do not care. Does anyone besides myself think that, for various reasons, Brady has lost a great deal of the luster many, but not all, think he gathered in his halcyon years?


Apple’s earnings are announced after the closing bell today. What was Facebook did enormously well yesterday and was up over 33 points after the bell.

Apple is still 30 points from its high. Just recouping those points would be very good for me.


Biden and McCarthy, apparently, did not kill each other at their first meeting. That is good.

I am still having a lot of troub

le understanding why so many, apparently, do not understand the difference between paying the bills we have already incurred and cutting our future spending in order to balance or budget or at least come closer to do so. If I had a parakeet, the damn bird would understand.

——————————- The ship is a Pitcairn Island today. We do not get off the ship but the Islanders come on the ship, set up. A market and put on some kind of show. It is a rare place to be and many passengers are paying $13 to have their passports stamped. I am almost out of room on my passport so I will not do it.


Took advantage of an improved internet yesterday and was able to talk for almost an hour with oldest grandchild Jaden. That is always a great pleasure. He is getting ready to go to Italy for almost two weeks with one of his professors of history at Vassar. I looked at the itinerary and it is a great trip. Jaden will have some free time when he is in Florence and he will, hopefully, see a couple of our good fri



The tenting of our house has been completed. Thank you son Steven for handling that for us.


Looking at the market opening. The Dow is down almost 200. The Nasdaq is up over 200. That huge discrepancy is really unusual and due mostly to Meta (Facebook) but still……


Barbara is not eating today. That makes for a fun day.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

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