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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Another glamorous movie star is gone. Raquel Welch died yesterday at age 82. I do not think she ever lost her good looks.


Our granddaughter Harper was not admitted to the school which was her first choice. Grandpa is royally pissed off.


Yesterday we were in our first port in Fiji. A smile works just fine in this port. We went in by tender. It was so hot and humid, I had trouble putting one foot in front of another.

We wandered around and somehow Barbara got into a conversation with a native woman who spoke perfect English. About 15 minutes later, this woman found us a friend with a comfortable air conditioned taxi who agreed to drive us around the Island for a few hours at a very fair price.

I am not sure what lead Barbara to do this, but she asked this woman if she would like to come along and tell us about everything. We never offered to pay her and she never asked to be paid. We did give her a tip.

Within just a few minutes, the skies opened up and it began pouring. Had we not been in a taxi, we would have been soaked in five minutes and would have had to go back to the ship.

We were driven around, saw almost everything we wanted to see including the yellow pearl farm. We did not get to see the chocolate factory because the heavy rain made the road impassable.

We then took our guide Tom to lunch at a local very rustic shack recommended by the lady at the pearl farm. The driver refused our invitation to have lunch with us and told our guide in the local dialect that he thought it was improper.

We had a very interesting local dish, the place only served two dishes, fish or meat. We had a huge piece of fresh fish cooked in coconut with all kinds of vegetables I never heard of and a side dish indigenous to the island which looks like boiled potato but is more like yuca. I had a local beer called Fiji Gold that said “reduced calories” but did not say how many. It was tasty. The whole lunch for the three of us, and there is no tipping or tax was $17.50

After lunch Barbara got to go to the outdoor vegetable market while I stayed in the taxi, and, then, we were dropped off to return to the ship about 3 pm.

The rain cooled everything off, but I was still wiped out. I had two scoops of frozen yogurt and a cappuccino, even though it was after 2 p.m., took a shower and went to bed by 5 p.m. I just got up at 10 p.m. my time, 5 a.m. for those on the east coast, wrote this post and will now either sleep another couple of hours or read or work on what we will do in Sydney and Melbourne where we will be overnight (two full days) in each port. Been to Sydney but not to Melbourne.

We dock in Suva our Friday morning coming up soon. Been there before and loved it.


Market made a nice recovery yesterday. Saw the close just as we were leaving the ship.


Read Heather Cox Richardson’s article today. It is worthwhile.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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