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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Kari Lake has to pay fees but not sanctions. That is not surprising because the Judge felt there was enough of a question of fact to go to trial, on two counts of a multi-count Complaint. Had all counts been dismissed, sanctions may have been levied, but not necessarily. Most judges, particularly in state courts, do not like to levy sanctions.


So far so good with our 4th Covid shots, all Pfizer. Barbara’s arm is a little sore. I am fine but cannot play the piano, but I couldn’t play before the shot. We left the hotel at 10:15 and we’re back in an hour.


A big battle is going to occur that, at least for now, is pretty much under the radar. The new Republican-controlled House has already announced it is not going to dedicate itself to governing or passing bi-partisan legislation, but rather to investigating Hunter Biden, and having oversight committees fly speck everything the Biden Administration has done and will try to do.

Two simply horrible Republicans, James Comer of Kentucky and Hall-of-Famer Jim Jordan of Ohio, are expected to chair the oversight committee and the judiciary committee respectively. That alone ought to make you shudder. Comer and Jordan are trying to start their work before the new Congress convenes, but the normal way to mild-mannered Biden Administration is pushing back—-finally.

House Special Counsel has written Comer and Jordan that the Biden Administration has no immediate plans to respond to a slew of records requests made in the past several weeks. The administration claims the Republicans had no authority to request documents, that it is constitutionally illegitimate to do so. Only chairmen can make a requests and they are not yet in that position.

I love it. Remember that when Biden was elected, the outgoing Trump Administration did absolutely nothing to assist in an orderly and effective transition. In fact, they went out of their way to impede an orderly transition. Now the Republicans, who specialize in screaming like banshees, will hopefully get a full dose of their own medicine. If McCarthy does not get elected Speaker on the first ballot, it could be a while before we know who will chair what committee.


Now Governor DeSantis, with nothing else to do, is investigating a Christmas Drag Show. Good to see our tax dollars are hard at work.


This whole Santos situation is complicating things for McCarthy. There are at least five Republicans presently opposed to his being Speaker. He loses if he cannot move someone. McCarthy will never speak out against Santos. Pressure for him to resign is very unlikely to be successful, but I hear the New York legal authorities are looking into possible criminal conduct by Santos.

As my friend and reader John Ellis pointed out, if he held himself out as a lawyer or a plumber but did not have the requisite credentials, swift action would be taken. I guess we already knew that anyone can obtain public office no matter what their credentials are or what they did. Except one cannot be President if born somewhere else. Oh well.


In the never-a-dull-moment category, granddaughter Kasey fell on the beach and last night showed up at dinner in a wheelchair. She is going to the hospital this morning to have her hip x-rayed.


Barbara and I spent several hours yesterday listening to music. We saw two really terrific Loretta Lynn concerts and then I played her some of her and my favorite songs. If if are not familiar with Tom T Hall, listen to “I Love”, “Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine” and “That’s How I Got To Memphis”.


Go Ukraine

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