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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Yesterday was our daughter’s 60th birthday and she spent it in bed sick as a dog. I intentionally did not say how old she was in yesterday’s post. Then, I read that what she put on Facebook said how old she was, so I figured if she can tell everyone, I can as well. It looks like Beth may not be well enough to keep our Friday lunch date to go to Joe’s. I am hoping she has a miraculous recovery.

On the other hand, I had a good day in the sense that my blood test results came back in one day, which is unusual, and were all very good. It looks like my exercise regime and weight loss have helped a great deal. When I was a horse player, a common expression was “weight can stop a freight train”. Toting around 30 pounds less makes a big difference.


How did the Giants lose Correa to the Mets? There can be no joy in San Francisco. The Marlins’ division is getting tougher, and as far as I can tell, the Marlins have really done nothing to get better. I think their new Manager was a good choice, but what can he do without major league players?


Meanwhile, almost every day, it seems, Michigan gets new great players. Still, they are not in the top ten when it comes to recruiting the 2023 class. Once again, Alabama is number one.


The highlight from yesterday was President Zelensky coming to the United States and addressing a joint session of Congress. I thought he did a great job. I thought the coverage on CNBC was okay but not stellar.

Can you imagine the security measures taken to get the President of Ukraine to Washington and back? As he was leaving from his speech, I held my breath hoping that some nut did not come out of the woodwork and start shooting.


I continue to be very impressed by Jamie Raskin. I wish we had many more minds as good as his in Washington.


The Marriott at Marco Island, where we are scheduled to go for the annual Boies/Miller ”Christmas Trip” is acting very unreasonably. We have a large group, spend a great deal, but they have a new chef who appears very rigid and somewhat of a Prima Donna and we are about to cancel two dinners that we have done in previous years that now, at the last minute, they are trying to change.

The weather, at least for the first few days, is going to be very cold. It does not appear that Marriott is taking this into account because their attitude is, “We don’t need you. If you cancel, so what? We have people waiting to take your place”.


I have read that there is some hesitation, even among some Democrats, about indicting Trump. One reason given is that it will be hard to pick a jury. I think it will be hard to pick a jury, but that simply cannot be a valid reason for not indicting. In fact, I find that reasoning to be unadulterated horseshit.


See you tomorrow.

Go Ukraine.

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