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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Plane from Paris back to Florence boarded right on time. Actually took off half an hour late, but given that we could have been cancelled altogether, that was a bargain and a half. Its duo that we landed only ten minutes later than scheduled. Gianni was there to meet us, drop of Stefano and take us home.

When we got home, we found someone tried to break into our apartment but failed. It happened once before and we installed a super deluxe lock that was very expensive. The key cannot be duplicated by a normal locksmith and costs about euros 100 at the place where Gianni has them made. The key still works and the lock probably does not need to be replaced. However, the metal plate is off and the wood splintered where they tried to pry the door open. Never a dull moment.

The business class lounge at De Gaulle is really nice. It serves great food, Pommery Champagne along with every other beverage possible, and passes eclairs from patron to patron. I thought I was in another terrific restaurant.

By the way, there are over 40,000 places to eat in Paris. My bet is that very few do not make world-class French fries. They just pour out of most kitchens

Another great Uber experience going to airport. This time in a Tesla. It is definitely the way to travel around Paris and its environs.

When checking out, front desk gave me a card entitling me to a 10% discount on our return stay. Since we are always in Florence for more than the first half of December, my sense is that if we are still as able as we are now, we will return next year for Barbara’s birthday,

She thinks that this trip, even though only three days, proved that we do not need a cruse ship to get around and that, together, we are still able to travel anywhere on our own. I think it is a damn f----g miracle, but I’ll do it if we can, even if I walk a little slower, and need time getting into a lot of cars. I know my exercise routine has helped tremendously.

Good news that when we leave on Saturday to fly to Florida, our plane out of Florence through Zurich to Miami leaves at 10:05 instead of 6:40 as originally scheduled when we were going through Frankfurt. Not having to get up at 4:30 a.m. at the latest saves a lot of wear and tear.


France shut out Morocco so it is France and Argentina in the World Cup finals. We were told by our concierge in Paris that it would not have been safe to leave the hotel once game started.


Gained four pounds in three days eating in Paris. When people ask me how we picked Florence for our second home, I tell them that the choice came down to Florence or either Paris or Avignon. We decided to pick tomatoes and olive oil over butter and cream. That is not hyperbole. I will have to forgo my customary farewell gelato in a waffle cone and will probably lose the weight I gained in the next two days. That will bring me back to Florida about eight pounds lighter than when I arrived, and much fitter.


Today granddaughter Harper will have her early decision from NYU. We are hoping for the best, and feel we did everything possible to enhance her choices.


As you all know, I have totally ignored political and other world events, other than sports. So far as I can tell, it is the same old shit.


Went out early this morning to get some last minute things in the drugstore and to say goodbye to Marcoin Sabani Leather.

The pharmacies in Florence are much less expensive than in Florida, much better run, and sell many things without a prescription that require prescriptions in the States.

Picked up a few things in the grocery store and noted that Veuve Cliquot was 41.90. It was 45 at Grand Marche in Paris. It is counter-intuitive that French champagne should be cheaper in Italy than in France.

Four days after we return to Florida, four of our bags for our cruise are being picked up. We are trying to pack at least two of those bags here in Florence so they will already be ready to go.

Missing my office party at Joe’s but the decision was made not to wait for me to return. The King is dead. Long live the King.

The good news is that Lauren Alperstein, who ascends the Circuit Court bench and whom I helped train, has been assigned to the family law division. It will be a huge pleasure for the family law practitioners to have someone who actually starts out knowing a great deal about family law. The bad news is that Lauren will need to recuse herself in our cases.

I think Lauren will be excellent. I just hope she remembers the following: lawyers cannot be in two places at once. Lawyers need to be paid. Just as lawyers are taught ‘know your judge”, judges need to know the lawyers. Finally, never ever say “not in my courtroom” unless you have a deed. It is the people’s courtroom, and your responsibility is to be fair and impartial, provide a level playing field, explain your decision and be prepared.

Congratulations to my good friend Luigi, the head of our Milan office. It is now one year that these great lawyers, as good as there are in Italy, joined our Firm.

Much, much warmer in Florence than in Paris. It was really bitter cold in Paris.

Grandson Ryan did very well his first semester at Florida State. Barbara and I are very big in scholarship. Nothing makes us happier that hearing “I got all A’s”.

I am still trying to learn and it just boggles my mind when I hear as I sometimes do, “I know all there is to know about (whatever)". Really?

Enough musings for today.


Go Ukraine

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