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Thursday, August 4, 2022

A reader sent me the names of the 11 Senators voting against the Veterans’ Bill. Both Alabama Senators and both Utah Senators were among the 11. The only surprise to me is Romney. I just do not understand his position. The others? I had no respect for any of them.


Talk about juvenile/stupid/whatever, there were two “Erics” in the Missouri Republican primary for Senate. Our genius former President Trump said “ I endorse Eric”. When asked “Which Eric?”, Trump responded “I’ll let you figure it out”. What kind of mind can even think like that?


The Senate voted 95 to 1 yesterday to admit Finland and Sweden into NATO. Hawley voted “no” and Paul voted “present”. Additional comment is unnecessary.


Alcantara pitched a 9-inning 6-hit shutout and the Marlins finally won a game 3 to 0. There was, understandably, not a big crowd.


The lawyer cross examining Alex Jones yesterday experienced what every trial lawyer dreams he or she will experience in a courtroom -- that is, destroying a witness in a manner the witness has no idea is coming.

I have spent over 55 years either in a courtroom or getting ready to be in a courtroom, and I can count on one hand the number of times I have had that indescribable pleasure that is truly unforgettable.

I do not want to divulge confidences but my client and co-counsel in a trial I had out in Northern California have already been on Facebook mentioning our case. We needed to prove the Mother alienated the children from the Father I was representing and really hated him.

The Mother wrote an almost-100-page tirade against our client, which she gave to her lawyers. Her lawyers, without reading what their client had written, but thinking the document was confidential, turned it over to a Dr. who was to testify as a potential expert. It took months, but we finally got to depose this expert who was no longer on our opponent’s witness list and discovered this huge smoking gun.

The trial was lengthy. The result was clearly in doubt until I sprung this document on the Mother, which literally destroyed her case. In fact, before the happened, the Guardian ad Litem had recommended that we lose the case. We won it big time. If I had to pick one favorite case in my career and one favorite client, it would be this one. By the way, the Judge in this case was a Stanford Law graduate and the single best family law judge before whom I have ever tried a case.


Off to the doctor in a few hours, hoping to find a combination of medications that sometimes are creating havoc with me. The side effects of some pills can be devastating and what solves one problem exacerbates another.


Then, Friday off to Chicago and Kansas City for baseball games with other baseball nuts. Hard to have a better time with one’s clothes on than to go to Wrigley Field. Fenway comes very close.


Good day in the market yesterday.


Had a very pleasant lunch with Former Bar President Miles McGrane and his Wife Patti. They are going to spend some time in Florence so we had a lot to discuss. Miles is now mediating instead of trying cases.


Wonder how the Republicans will handle the loud message delivered to them by the voters in Kansas. Alito and Thomas are too full of themselves to notice or care, but they have life tenure and the elected politicians do not. At least some of them have to be smart enough to realize that it could be political suicide to push for the complete elimination of abortions.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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