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Thursday, August 31, 2023

If I could not be one individual embroiled in our legal system, it would be Donald Trump. However, second on the “legal shitlist” is Rudy Giuliani. He is in so much trouble, I cannot

imagine he cannot end up totally ruined, and, most probably, in jail. He just got totally hammered and deservedly so, and he is basically broke already Giuliani's fall from grace is one of of the most precipitous of all time.


It was almost a pleasure turning on the television and seeing news about the hurricane rather than Trump and Trump-related legal issues.


There is nothing good to say about the Marlins. Simply put, they have collapsed. Best thing about going to the games is spending time with our daughter Beth. She was born my first week in law school. I spent a lot of time with her until I went to work, and then I was “Daddy, bye-bye” for many years because I worked 70 plus hours a week.


Papers go in today on Meadows’ motion to remove. Some really good lawyers I know, with real expertise in this field, think the motion should be granted. This is not my opinion but it is the opinion of others I know.


We have a guest for lunch today, but Gary Silverman’s funeral is today. and on Zoom from Reno. I will have to excuse myself from lunch to attend If this were five years ago, I would have been on a plane to attend in person. Now, that is no longer plausible.


For all you tennis fans, John McEnroe has Covid and will not be broadcasting at the U. S Open already underway in New York. For over 25 years, I attended the entire tournament, but no more. I think I am doing better than the majority of those fortunate enough to reach my age. Still, it is clear that what I used to do, what I used to eat and drink has decreased. Other things, like bannisters and the location of restrooms have become a priority. Elevators have also become much more important.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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