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Thursday, August 24, 2023

We really are becoming dumber by the day. Only 48% believe their own doctor. A smaller number are in favor of vaccinations of any kind. Although I obviously missed it, but I think there has been an exodus of a substantial part of our population to another planet.


Lots happened yesterday that I will have to wait to talk about. After watching the Marlins stink up the place,I went to dinner with three grandchildren and son Charles. My intent to come home, learn about Meadows, other Defendants and see if any Republican was even semi reasonable was frustrated because I ended up sitting in the emergency room to offer moral support where I thought it was needed.


I do know and applaud that motions by Clark and Meadows were denied and they must appear to be arrested. Whether their cases get removed to federal court is still not ruled upon. If they lose that issue, I may have to have a party.


Anyone think Putin was not responsible for that plane going down killing ten people including the guy who led the resurrection against him?


Defendant Kenneth Chesebro has asked for a speedy trial in Georgia. That will certainly separate him from the herd.


And what do you know, as soon as a key witness in the Florida case got independent counsel instead of counsel picked by Trump, he recanted his prior testimony favorable to Trump and buried him. More will come as the realization sets in that Trump is not worth going to jail for and going broke for.


I only saw a little of the rerun of the debate. However, this rich businessman the spelling of whose name is not worth my learning, was scarier than all hell. I heard him say how great a President Trump was. Oh my!


I am late posting because I overslept. However, since I am late anyway, I thought I would tell you an inconsequential story about what happened to me last night because my faith in the kindness of people was restored.

When I got to the hospital last night, it was a mad house. I was looking for some sitting somewhere in a hall which was part of the emergency room, but I had no idea where. Parking was impossible so I went to the main entrance, gave $20 to the valet and asked him to keep my car up front. I had no idea how long I would be and I wanted as little hassle as possible.

It turned out that where I needed to go was, for me, about a 45 minute walk through a maze of hallways. The odds of my finding where I needed to go and getting there were about a million to one.

A nice black lady, not an employee of the hospital but a visitor seeing her 28 year old son who had been there three weeks with bad pneumonia, asked if she could help me. I do not know how she knew every nick and cranny of the hospital, but she did. This stranger took me by the arm, got me checked in and then walked with me for at least half an hour until I got to where I needed to do.

We had never met each other. I asked her why she was being so kind to me and and she said “that is who I am”. I thanked her profusely, and yes you bigots, we kissed each other goodbye. Most of the time I find I am the one trying to help others, many times strangers, but this time I was on the receiving end. I have not stopped thinking about this extraordinary woman who chose to help an elderly white man whom she will never see again.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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