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Thursday, August 18, 2022

What happened when Giuliani testified for six hours before the Grand Jury in Georgia? Can you continuously invoke the 5th Amendment for that many hours? The Fat Lady is a long way from singing in this particular episode


Alex Jones has switched his support from Trump to DeSantis..


I did not have to wait long to find out that the Marlins were not going to sweep the Padres. San Diego scored five runs in the 1st inning and never looked back. Marlins lost 10 to 3. No game today.


Went to son Charles’ house for dinner to celebrate granddaughter’s 17th birthday. I kept thinking Barbara, my Wife, was 17 when I met her. We had a good time. Charles is a great cook. Early this morning he and his Wife Cindy drive their son Ryan to Tallahassee to begin college at FSU.


Yesterday received the invitation to granddaughter Kasey’s Bat Mitzvah to take place October 15. We have a new Rabbi at Beth El where I was President almost 50 years ago. Our Rabbi then was Sam Jaffe. He was something else.


Today the Federal Magistrate will hear oral arguments on the motion to unseal the affidavit which led to the issuance of the warrant at Mar A-Lago. I would be surprised if the motion were granted. Also, I expect a quick ruling.


Today it is also expected that Allen Weisselberg will plead guilty and go to jail for an estimated 100 days. He took one for the Gipper and Trump himself will, apparently, be unscathed to any material extent. Still, it is not a good thing for the Trump Organization.


My friend John Sale turned down representing Trump. I thought John did a good job last night on CNN. Our political views are not compatible but John loves baseball as I do and we have always gotten along very well.


Eric Trump, keeping up a longstanding family tradition, is making a Schmuck of himself. He is bragging about bringing down the Cheneys. We know the Trumps are terrible losers. They are terrible winners as well. Now there’s versatility for you.


Liz Cheney handled the morning after as well as she handled her defeat on Tuesday. It will be interesting to see what her future holds. No one I knowsees a viable path for her to be her Party’s nominee in 2024 but she can clearly be her Party’s conscience. She hardly has any competition for that role.


With the election fast approaching, Barbara is very busy. I was, however, able to get a ten minute appointment due to a last minute cancellation. Whether that means her undivided attention is another issue. I will drive her around to the various early voting places because it is difficult for her to drive with a cast on one arm.


Market down yesterday and futures down today.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended on it.

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