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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Anyone surprised Trump invoked his 5th Amendment Privilege and will not answer questions at his deposition by the Attorney General of New York? This will not be the last time.

Honestly, did you ever think you would live to see a day when a former POTUS would invoke the Fifth Amendment? Before Trump was hatched, I would have said “impossible”. ——————————-

Can you imagine Republicans, including that schmuck Rand Paul, suggesting the FBI planted damaging materials? How does one deal with that kind of craziness?

These are the same people that never said a peep when Secret Service records disappeared notwithstanding instructions to the contrary.


Why are Republicans still hitching their star to Trump? Many are urging him to announce his run for President now. I kind of hope he does run and that he gets the nomination. Trump is better for the Democrats than anyone else I can think of except for Jesse James, John Dillinger and Willie Sutton.


Received a call about 5 p.m. yesterday that our dear friend George Contarsy in Las Vegas suddenly passed away. George had not been well for some time but he was still able to join us for lunch about a month ago when we were last in Vegas. Our heart goes out to his Wife Joyce, who has been my close friend since 1957 when I started college, and all their children, two of whom I had breakfast with last Saturday in Chicago. George was a nice, bright very gentle man and a wonderful husband and father and grandfather. Our world cannot afford the kindness someone like George always demonstrated. RIP.


The Marlins blew another game. Sandy Alcantara pitched a gem for 7 innings and then fell apart in the 8th. The man is still the best pitcher in baseball.


Yesterday was a great day in the stock market due to the fact that the inflation numbers were far better than expected. Just imagine how well we would be doing if we had a two-party functioning government.


Yesterday was also Barbara’s first full day in a cast. I think the term is “mixed bag”. Observing her frustration at not participating in the decathlon was a thing to behold. I am finishing this post before 5 a.m. She is already in her office working.


How did Rand Paul ever get elected to the United States Senate? He is really irresponsible, maybe without exception.

I have a good friend in Missouri who, unfortunately, does not see anyone beating Hawley. Hawley, not my friend, should be in prison.

Giving the devil his due, Donald Trump does have a great deal of energy. Just dealing with all his lawyers would be more than enough for most. Wouldn’t it be something if they found cocaine and other illegal narcotics in his safe?


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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