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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Worked all day. It is still great fun. I really loved seeing Grandson Jaden doing such a great job in the office My longtime assistant, a huge Zack Thomas fan, went to Canton for his induction in the Hall of Fame and came back sick.

Missed the Marlin game, but they managed to win taking the series from Cincinnati on the road. So far, the acquisition of Bell looks really good.


Really looking forward to seeing what happens today in Washington. Hopefully Trump has met his match with this Judge.


Did manage to hear Lawrence O’Donnell absolutely skewer all of Trump’s lawyers for doing and saying nothing about the outrageous things Trump is saying. Remember “Man From La Mancha”? That is the Broadway musical with the mega popular “The Impossible Dream”. It would not take someone with the talent of Mel Brooks to write a SNL parody entitled “The Impossible Client”.


I applaud, along with many others, the vote in Ohio. 57% voted “NO” which is being hailed as a resounding victory—a landslide. In a sense it is, but if is disturbing to me that 43% of Ohioans voted the other way. I wanted every voter to realize the enormity of the coup attempted by the Republicans.


Sorry I have not much to say today. Bobby and Elaine are coming for lunch.


Big weekend of sports Dolphin game Friday, then two games with Yankees..


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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