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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

We do not yet know what records the FBI is looking for at Mar-A-Lago. We do Not know yet what records were found. We do know that Trump’s safe was fair game. We do not have any idea what was in the safe. It could be empty. It could just contain important personal documents. Or, it could be undeclared cash, bearer bonds, murder weapons, or souvenirs collected by a serial killers as mementos. What we do know is that Trump never thought anyone but himself or someone with his authority would be able to see the contents before those contents could be laundered.

If Trump had been subpoenaed to produce the contents of the safe, it does not take a genius to know that Trump would have first removed anything damaging before producing anything. That is why a warrant was employed rather than a subpoena. The authorities did not trust Trump to produce anything that could be damaging.

Many years ago, I represented a doctor’s wife in a divorce. My client claimed her husband had hundreds of thousands in bearer bonds in a safe deposit box. The husband’s sworn financial disclosure omitted reference to any bonds, and his answers to interrogatories, also under oath, claimed he never had a safe deposit box or access to one directly or indirectly.

In those days, I often did my own forensic accounting. I spent a day in the husband’s office going through his records including not just cancelled checks but the check stubs, which can be a trove of information. I found a check stub for like $25 marked “box”. Then I found the check payable to a bank. I went to court without notice to the other side, my client signed an affidavit, we claimed that husband would empty the box if he had the chance. We posted a small bond and got a court order sealing the box.

When the box was opened under supervision, sure enough there were all the damn bonds. The husband was toast and my client made out like a bandit. Those bonds made a huge difference in how my client could live the rest of her life, and, for years, I received annual thank you notes from my client. Of course, the husband was not too fond of me.


I am sad to report that my Wife Barbara’s training for the summer Olympics has been delayed by a minimum of six weeks. Friday, while performing her lumberjack duties she fell and broke her left wrist. Yesterday, we spent the morning at the doctor’s and putting a cast on her arm. She will be fine, but she is not a happy camper.

What is funny are the texts from some of our grandchildren providing advice as to how their Grandmother should handle this unexpected adversity.


We have very close friends in Perth, Australia. Here is what she just wrote about the death of Olivia Newton-John:

“Our” Aussie sweetheart of Song Olivia Newton-John died today at 73 at her ranch in California, with family and friends there with her. All Australia is sad. Within the last week other Aussie sweetheart of music, Judith Durham of The Seekers, died too at 79, both from long-standing cancer. The Seekers sold 50 million records in the 60’s to 80’s, and at one stage outsold the Beatles and Rolling Stones on the charts.

Not long ago we also lost one of the greatest Australian cricketers, Shane Warne. All three get State funerals because of their enormous contributions.

Olivia built and gave a whole huge cancer clinic including research labs. She also did enormous work with animals, environment, and young musicians, and all the people over the world were interviewed with things to say about her. The best thing they nearly all said was she was about the nicest person they EVER met. That is a great legacy to leave. She struggled with breast cancer on and off for 30 years.

Note; I wish our country were more focused on these kinds of things than our bigotry, FBI raids, dysfunctional government, fascism etc etc


I have my fingers crossed that Ron Johnson loses in Wisconsin.


Here is the ultimate putdown by Curt Schilling (about whom I wrote, “He has no socially redeeming value as a human being”), about Pete Rose (about whom I said, “I finally give up:. Rose is just a bad guy.")

"I say this as someone who knows him, who he treated kindly, but the things he says and his lack of self-awareness are unreal," Schilling tweeted. "HOF talent, absolutely, but just a bad bad guy with literally zero morals or scruples and not an ounce of couth."

P.S. I was afraid to say, “This is the pot calling the kettle black”.


I have nothing to say about Marlins other than that they lost.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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