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Thursday, April 7, 2022

63 House Republicans voted against support of NATO. Can you imagine? Not one of them deserves to hold public office in the United States. Russia, yes, our country, no.


Does everyone understand we no longer even have the semblance of a representative form of government? Our elected politicians no longer even pretend to vote for what the majority of their constituents want. They vote, as robots, for what their leader wants and what they think will enhance their power. I do not need erudite proofs of this opinion. When every Republican Senator unifies and votes against President Biden’s request for more Covid funds, that vote should reflect that their constituents do not want that.

What percentage of Americans favor some kind of right to abortion? Yet Oklahoma has now made it virtually impossible to have an abortion where the winds come sweeping down the plain.


My invitation to the Beckham-Peltz wedding was lost in the mail. However, what dismayed me more was that I did not get to represent either side on what is reputed to be the “'mother' of all prenuptial agreements”.


Yesterday, I made giant strides toward getting back into shape. Barbara and I walked about 600O steps to Leonardo’s, where we both think they make the best cookies (cantucci) in Florence. Everything they bake is great, including the Tuscan bread, which is made without salt.

Florence also has a company that I think makes great orange marmalade. I am often more than satisfied with having toasted Tuscan bread, the marmalade, and light Philadelphia cream cheese for dinner, or anytime. Remember, it is never too late to have a second childhood.


Albert Pujols filed for divorce right after his Wife had major brain surgery. Parties had five children, married 22 years, the man regards himself as “a good Christian”. Anyone besides me think his timing might have been better?


It took Judge Middlebrooks two whole days to deny Trump’s motion to recuse him That is the right decision.

Trump’s lawyers were clearly “judge-shopping”. They filed the lawsuit in a place where only one judge was assigned and that judge was a Trump appointee. However, not every case filed in that courthouse is assigned to that one judge. Middlebrooks sits in West Palm Beach, where there are several judges and the case was randomly given to Middlebrooks. Sorry, Charley.


I want to remind everyone that Florida Senator Marco Rubio has, essentially, no redeeming value. He is beatable by Val Demmings, but the Democratic vote must get out in droves.


I intend to go shopping today with Barbara for the first time since we arrived in Florence almost three weeks ago. Slowly but surely, I am getting back to my old self. Friday we make our first sojourn into the country for lunch at one of my two favorite restaurants in all of Italy. Still have not been up to any alcohol, but tomorrow may be the day.

Yesterday I finally had the strength to talk to an old friend from college who wants me to help set up honeymoon plans for one of his grandchildren in Florence and surrounding areas.


I hate Donald Trump.

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