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Thursday, April 6, 2023

"You know the ironic thing here is I’ve spent my entire life lying, cheating, and not paying people I owe……I actually pay one person and look what happens." Donald Trump. ———————— Love this one which I saw on Facebook: if you are sending a man with a private plane money for his legal fees, you just might be a moron. ————————- Pence is not going to appeal ruling he has to testify. I think that this is a wise decision, but it will not help him. Trump, even if he is indicted multiple times, maybe even if he is convicted but appeal is pending so he is not in jail, will be the Republican nominee. I would not bet my life that millions will vote for him even if he is in jail. ——————————

Good trivial pursuit game but team not doing well. Great champagne tasting which included Dom Perignon Rose 2008 and Bollinger La Grande Annee 2014. —————————- Barbara keeping the Passover with Talmudic exception for popcorn. Everybody has their price. —————————- In Wisconsin, they are already talking about impeaching the Justice just elected to their Supreme Court. What did she do wrong? That’s a complex question. She got elected. —————————— Do you all understand that Governor DeSantis is a certifiable lunatic? I cannot remember the last time our Country had a person elected to such a high office who was even half as dangerous. The majority of Floridians seem to be asleep at the wheel. Great name for a band. Oh, there is one lead by Roy Benson. Listen to them if you never have. ——————————— Probably will not know before I go to sleep whether the three Tennessee Democrats who vocally supported the effort to restrict guns get expelled from the Legislature. What did they do wrong? That’s a complex question. They were too loud in their protests in favor of those tired of watching children and others get massacred by automatic weapons that should have been banned long ago. ——————————- Clocks going back another hour Thursday night. —————————— Met two nice couples at the champagne tasting. One was from New Zealand who also have a home in Porto, Portugal, and the other is from Fresno. ——————————- Granddaughter Harper decided on honors program at University of Florida. Yesterday was our son in law Walter’s birthday and we wish him well. Two grandchildren have birthdays the 9th and both married kids have anniversaries later in month. Daughter in law has birthday so April expensive month. Good thing Trump taught me how not to pay taxes or I would have taxes to pay as well. Last one a joke. ——————————- Think with new gun laws in Florida lawyers can wear guns in the courthouse? I will have to think many times before I even honk my horn. —————————- Tiring just sitting around relaxing. See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. —————————— Go Ukraine

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