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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Here are my stream of consciousness current musings. They are in response to a number of questions I am getting, which, are in substance or in form, ”Jimmy, what are you thinking about things.”.

1. There are way too many single issue voters whether the issue be abortion, guns, Israel, immigration or climate control, just to list some major ones, no other issues matters. Anyone running for office cannot get support if they do not agree on this one issue.

This makes no sense to me. Life is just not that simple. Are there exceptions? Yes. I will not vote for a candidate who wants to abolish all abortions, no matter what the circumstances. I will not vote for a candidate who wants to liberalize gun control even further. I will not vote for a candidate who refuses to raise the debt ceiling which means refusing to pay our bills already incurred.

Even though I am against capital punishment, I will support a candidate who supports it provided there is not doubt of guilt circumstantial evidence is not enough

I do prefer that we have a balanced budget, and I think there are things we can do that are not being done such as having the super rich individuals and corporations pay their fair share of taxes; and either privatize tax collection or give IRS the tools to collect taxes due.

2. Citizens United must be overruled.

3. We may have no choice but to have staggered term limits.

4. Our elected politicians have to start voting the way the majority of their constituents want. My not doing so, they make a mockery of the representative form of government.

5. Some disagree, but I think DeSantis is dead in the water in terms of being elected President. With every passing day, he makes a serious mistake. Can he make a comeback? Never say “never”, but I do not think so.

The “bad news” is that I wish I could make this man disappear right now, but I cannot. He is putting Florida in a deeper hole almost daily. The “good news”, at least as I see it, is he is termed out a Governor in three years, he is a long shot to be President, unable to even keep the Florida legislative delegation in his corner, so where does he go? The end game as I see it and this is a worst case scenario, is he beats Scott or Rubio and goes to the Senate where he become just another Republican lunatic but not in control.

6. I cannot say this too often. Our problems, whatever they are, must be addressed by all Americans. I have often said “enough red and blue. How about red, white and blue?” I add now “what happened to the UNITED States of America?” We must stand together or we will fall on our f—g asses one by one.

7. Clarence Thomas is a disgrace on so many levels that it is impossible to set forth all the reasons. The problem, to which I do not see an answer, is that the Conservative will never do anything that would allow Biden to make an appointment to the Court. If Thomas went into a permanent coma, that fact would be hidden from the Country. Remember the movie “Dave”?

8. The biggest issue right now, to me, is the issue of raising the debt ceiling. McCarthy is so far over his head that we could really be in serious trouble. There are way too many kamikazes willing to pull not only our Country but much of the rest of the world into an economic free fall.

9. Just saw a headline that the My Pillow guy has been ordered to pay $5 million to 2020 election fraud data debunker. It is about time this man has to start paying for his totally irresponsible behavior.

10. And, finally for today, we need to start questioning our views on some very important issues. I, for one, often rethink my views when I see several peoples whom I regard as very smart, disagree with me. Think about the fact that literally billions of people, and the vast majority of governments worldwide are going in a totally different direction than we are. Can they all be wrong?


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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