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Thursday, April 13, 2023

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Fox sanctioned for withholding evidence in Dominion case. Fox is just bad people all around


We are off today, unexpectedly, for four days with Tanzania Roadside Expeditions to a safari visiting Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater. Perhaps Kensington Tours is better but it cannot be almost $10,000 better for three nights and four days with our own private guide. Air fare is included and we are picked up at our ship and delivered back to our ship. We allegedly have deluxe accommodations and an experienced guide. Whole thing got done in less than 12 hours.

Centurion took several days to come up with a trip that only sultans could afford and a second tour operator took almost a week and I still not not know where we were going, staying or paying.

Lesson: keep on plugging and often fate takes a hand and things work out. No always, but we are batting well enough to get in the Hall of Fame.

And while on baseball, what got into the Tampa Bay Rays, now 12-0. Cannot understand why not reading more about this streak. Our good friends Steve and Diana have to be thrilled. Don’t see or hear a lot from them these days, but they were, at one time, the most extraordinary friends and my love for them has never waned .


Nice show at 6:15 from the two assistant cruise directors. No sure why they had to sing the same Carole King song as a duet, that another performer sang the night before. I could, personally, with enough paper, write down 2,000 songs they could have sung.

By the way, the night before was the crew’s talent show and Kyla, head of guest services, and one of my very favorite crew members was the best. She really is quite good and tries very hard not to just sing the lyric but to understand the meaning of the lyric she is singing. So many miss that key ingredient. They have excellent voices, perfect or close to perfect pitch, even often the right tempo, a key ingredient, but they still do not understand what they are singing.


Seabourn will not listen to me, but I am saying it anyway. They are headed in the wrong direction. Someone in headquarters is counting the beans and they are doing it dead wrong. Stupid decisions are being made and they will lose not just many heretofore loyal passengers, but they will lose key crew members who will, pardon the pun, “jump ship”. Seabourn may not know why or may know and not care, but I sure would if I owned the cruise line. They are being penny wise and dollars foolish.

There are plenty of extra cabins on our ship. Most crew members have to share a cabin hardly big enough for one. They cannot get separate cabins. One really fabulous crew member left when his contract was up. He is going to another cruise line and I think I know why. This person made a very reasonable personal request. He got the royal, I mean the deluxe royal runaround. To my knowledge the request was never answered. Were I this man, and I could switch to another cruise line, even for the same money, I would be gone in a heartbeat. Just plain bad business.


Almost 10 pm Thursday night for me. Headed to first safari very soon. We are very excited.


If internet works, see you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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