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The Ukraine War: March 2, 2022

The Russians thought this war would be over. Now they have food and gasoline shortages. Many Russian soldiers are very unhappy. Russia is taking several big-time hits. The ruble is now worth less than a penny. The stock market is closed. People are being hit in their pocketbooks. The havoc being caused to the Russian economy is Ukraine’s best chance of prevailing.

I, for one, do not see how Ukraine can prevail militarily notwithstanding that, so far, the Russian troops remind me of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Russia is loaded with nuclear weapons and has a madman at the helm. Ukraine needs, not necessarily in this order, the following.

1. Troops from other countries actually in the Ukraine fighting side by side with the Ukrainians.

2. Air support from other countries to bomb those sitting ducks.

3. Putin’s being deposed or assassinated.

4. Maybe a major snowstorm.

5. A lot of luck because Russia is still way stronger than Ukraine. This really is David. Goliath.

6. Every possible economic sanction must be imposed asap.

I fully understand Biden’s now firm position not to send our troops into the Ukraine. My crystal ball is broken, but, frankly, I cannot see how there can be a happy ending unless our military might is brought to bear. The threat of a nuclear war only is effective if the principals are rational. I do not know how to handle a maniac.

Belarus has changed its mind and will not join the Russians in fighting Ukraine. This is good news.

The bad news is that Mexico will not agree to impose economic sanctions on Russia. Their President wants to be friends with everyone. That is faulty reasoning. Sometimes one has to choose sides. Do you think that maybe Trump’s calling the people of Mexico whores, druggies, murderers, etc. and building a wall had anything to do with this decision? Asking for a friend.

Yesterday, I tried like hell to reach the Biden people with my idea to pipe in a message from the Ukraine President at the State of the Union. He could have thanked the United States and praised Biden. Both Presidents need each other. Ukraine does not want to deal with a Republican administration. It would have been a win/win.

I sent a message to my Congresswoman whom I know reads my posts and tried to reach her, Schumer, and Biden’s Chief of Staff through a friend who knows each of them very well.

I thought Biden might even present the Ukraine President with the Medal of Freedom. Then, he could say he looked forward to the customary ceremony as soon as circumstances allowed the two of them to meet in person. At least, Biden had Ukraine’s Ambassador sitting with Jill Biden at the State of the Union last night. That was a nice touch.

I am not a military strategist, but it seems to me that those Russian troops slowing marching toward Ukraine’s Capitol are sitting ducks. Why are they not being attacked?

Enough for now about this tragic situation which I think is the most serious threat to our country since Hitler.

Is there any doubt in your mind that the Nobel Peace Prize, Man of the Year and most other awards will go to the President of the Ukraine? He is the new darling of the world.


I have vowed to tell no more Polish jokes. The people of Poland have stepped up big time to assist the people of Ukraine. From now on it is “What do 1492 and 1776 have in common?” “They are adjoining rooms at the Moscow Hilton”. Or “Why don’t they have ice cubes in Russia?” “The lady with the recipe died”.

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