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Sunday, September 10, 2023

If any thing happened on Saturday other than in the sports world, I do not know about it. Football, tennis and baseball occupied most of my time. The balance of my time was spent with trying to coordinate all the repairs at our house. Maybe because I made it clear how unhappy I was with the lack of progress on Friday, I had a full crowd of people for several hours even though it was Saturday.


Going to daughter Beth’s to watch the Dolphin game and probably at least part of the Marlin game. Yesterday I called a very popular restaurant to order food to take, and the restaurant refused to take my order. Said I had to call 30 minutes before I wanted the food. Does that make sense to anyone.


Coco Gauff’s win at the U.S. Open was very popular. The tennis was terrific. Gauff got blown away in the first set but then got much stronger. Brad Gilbert may be as good a tennis coach as there is.


Braves are in town over Rosh Hashanah. Think I can tape the service? I am not doing well with the poll I am taking.


Marlins fell behind 5 to 0 and lost 8 to 4. Today does not look good as have no starting pitcher. In the last month of the season, injuries take a bigger and bigger hand.


Meanwhile our President is in India having really important meetings and practically no one knows about it. Biden, too quietly, just. goes about his foreign relations work with fanfare.

Contrast this approach to everytime Trump went anywhere. It was always about just him and how all the other world leaders just loved him. There is not room in this world for this man’s ego. In fact, if he were Pinnochio, there would not be room for just his nose.


A few days ago, I asked for recommendations for a new pool service. Normally, I am inundated with suggestions. This time, not one name was provided.

Similarly, I asked for things to do, places to eat on our first visit to Frankfurt. Not a peep from anyone


Now we wait for the appellate court to rule on Meadows’ appeal. It should not take that long given that the experts think the lower court opinion will stand. Still, I will breathe a sigh of relief when the appeal is lost and the Supreme Court declines to get involved.

Much of our judicial system has held up, even many Trump appointees have followed the law and notgoneinthe tank, at least in the federal system. On the other hand, many State Supreme Courts have total run amuck.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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