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Sunday, October 9, 2022

Saturday was about as uneventful as any day can be. Barbara went to the Ann Arbor Art Museum and thought it was terrific. I stayed in the room and just relaxed until the Michigan game started. Michigan beat an okay Indiana team with a performance that was, at best, B-or C+. They will not beat Penn State next week if they do not improve substantially. Ten penalties is outrageous.. I thought Michigan’s play calling was also mediocre. ————————————- Ann Arbor has a lot of great things, but it does not have a good hotel. The employees are nice and try very hard to please but the city this popular can do much better. ———————————- Our reunion dinner was a huge hit. We were really an amazing group of kids who congregated in our fraternity and we’re first in scholarship among all fraternities for many semesters, setting records for grade points that are still the record today. Of the six found fraters, three went to Harvard Law School.

Everyone present has had quite a distinguished career. —————————— Had a 7 a.m. flight from Detroit to New York, the only flight that would get us there in time to go to Jets/Dolphins game. We got up at 4 a.m. Barbara was very well organized with packing but getting to the plane on time was a real adventure.

No one at our hotel could print our boarding passes. No one could figure out how to open the trunk of our car rental to put in the bags. Then, getting to Hertz was almost impossible but we finally got there. With a couple of bribes, we bypassed getting the bags out of our car. Someone from Hertz drove us right to the Delta counter where we could check in. We would never have made our plane otherwise.

WAZE saved our lives getting to return the car. When we got to check in, there was a long line and one agent working. Everyone in line at 5:45 had a flight around 7 so things looked bleak. However, Delta opened up three more counters and everyone got through. ————————— It was a short stay in Ann Arbor but everyone who attended was thrilled to be there. ———————- Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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