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Monday, October 9, 2023

Does anybody know why Hamas chose to bomb Israel at this particular time? As I understand it, there is growing sentiment in Israel to just turn the Gaza Stripinto rubbles. This would ,of course, sacrifice all the Israeli prisoner taken by Hamas. What would you do?I expect that anyone with family members taken as prisoner would so “no, try to save the prisoners” This is never an easy call. When Eisenhower planned the invasion of anormandy, he knew many lives would be lost and others severely damaged. Think of what Truman went through before giving the green light on dropping the atomic bombs. He ultimately decided it needed to be done, but what a horrible decision it is to know the consequences.


I had a wonderful time yesterday with Barbara at the Dolphin game. We met over 65 years ago, and there is still nobody’s hand I ever want to hold. How lucky we are.


Would anyone have bet that Jacksonville would beat Buffalo, or that the Texas Rangers would. Win both games in Baltimore?


One of our best friends is very sick in Atlanta. Barbara and I both want to see him, but it is not our decision. In the meantime all we can do is pray and hope.


We love the programming on Willie Roadhouse, but yesterday it was particularly good. All the disc jockeys are excellent, but a guy named Dallas Wayne is exceptional. I would love to have dinner with him.

In the live and learn department, many years ago at a charity event I bid a lot of money to have dinner with Rich Little. Barbara and I flew to Vegas for the big event. When we walked into the room, there were about 50 others who also paid. None of us got to exchange more than ten words with Little. So, if you every find yourself bidding on something like dinner with a celebrity, get the details before you waste your money.


Stock market open today which is Columbus Day,, but bond market closed


Tubervillle refuses to lift his military blockade even wih war in the Middle East. That is not a surprise because he is a lunatic and cannot be reasoned with.

This situation has been mishandled by both parties since Day 1 and there is no amicable solution ever because Tubervillle is totally intransigent.

Now our military is likely needed in the Middle East and we are totally hamstrung.

Both Schumer and McConnnell are together on this, so they either have to eliminate or suspend the Rule that allows Tubervillle to pull this horseshit or they have to eliminate or suspend Tuberville. We. just cannot sit there on our hands.

As my friend Shelley Miklas says “ nothing changes if nothing changes”. This issue has to be brought to the floor of the Senate immediate. I do not know enough about Senate procedures, but there has to be a way to deal with a rogue Senator.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

Go Ukraine

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