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Sunday, October 8, 2023

The Palestinians attacked Israel yesterday, and, apparently, it was a total surprise. Where was Israeli intelligence on this? Based upon what I know, you can expect Israel’s response to be massive. Other democracies, all over the world immediately announced their support for Israel including President Biden on behalf of the United States which, at least today, is still a democracy.

This sudden unexpected attack on Israel started me thinking. What if this attack were on the United States? How could we respond when we have no working House? Right now we are paralyzed. There has to be some mechanism in place that would enable us to respond immediately. Seriously, what would happen if we had another 9/11 with no Speaker?


I want to go back to Trump’s dismissing his lawsuit against Michael Cohen just before Cohen’s lawyers were about to take Trump’s deposition. Again, Trump escaped having to testify under oath, but Trump got lucky due to the lack of first class lawyers representing Cohen. What should have happened is that when Cohen was sued, he should have filed a counterclaim. I am confident that he could come up with something that would survive a motion to dismiss.

Then, Trump could take a voluntary dismissal of his case, but Cohen’s counterclaim would have survived, and Cohen’s lawyers could have proceeded to depose Trump on his counterclaim. Most times when my client is sued, one of the first things I ask myself is “what claims can I make that cannot the other side in some jeopardy?”


Who would have bet the Phillies would shutout the Braves. They did it with their bullpen.


Barbara had a successful “sangria Saturday”. We received lots of great help from grandsons Holden and Blake.


Michigan looked awesome on the road against Minnesota. First team was on the bench before end of third quarter in a 52 to 10 romp.


Barbara and I going to Dolphin game. Then, I will go to daughter’s for dinner.

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan


Go Ukraine

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