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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Being older than most, I am very fortunate to have someone call and check on me everyday. He is from India and is very concerned about my car warranty.


I follow the Yankees somewhat, but not closely enough to have an intelligent opinion of its Field Manager Aaron Boone, whom ownership has announced is coming back. Given the ups and downs of the team’s play, and particularly their losing four straight to the Astros in the playoffs, I would not have bet against Boone’s being fired. One factor is the presumed availability of Don Mattingly.

What do you all think that are still diehard Yankee fans which I was growing up? Walter?


I Understand that the economy is the number 1 issue for many and that if the Democrats are defeated the inflation, cost of gas and groceries will probably be the number one factor. I get it.

However, what I do not get is why our individual rights, why our Democracy is not more important. The Democrats care about everyone. The Republican care about the rich. They will not fix things but rather will make them worse.

Whether this is right or wrong is speculation. What is not speculation is that the issue of bringing back the economy, lessening inflation etc. is always on the table. If we lose our Democracy, it is gone, gone, gone. Medical students are taught almost from day 1, “First do no harm”. Electing Republicans violates that principle big time. Think about it. What our objective should be is that, when the election is over and the smoke clears, we are left with problems we can fix and have not done irreparable harm.


Okay, the Bradys are divorced. Can we now move on? Sorry, I just do not care that much.


Spent several hours yesterday driving my Wife around to various polling places. Also dropped off our mail in ballots. Got to do some of my exercise but not the treadmill because I had to be at son Charles’ house for dinner and Michigan game.

Michigan dominated Michigan State. Bhutto unhappy because they have trouble scoring touchdowns. They have a great kicker who kicked five field goals. Other thing I did not like was that when Michigan was ahead by 22 points, the spread by the way, they tried to pour it on with a trick play. I was not comfortable with that call.


Did have time to hear most of Barack Obama’s speech In Wisconsin. I thought it was phenomenal. If he keeps campaigning, he could make a huge difference.


No miracle for the Phillies last night. Astros tied series with a 5 to 2 win wire to wire.


Dolphins. Detroit at 1 p.m.


Thought we might hear from Supreme Court in Lindsey Graham Georgia subpoena matter.

Did not.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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