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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Trump is feuding big time with McConnell. Said he had “a death wish”. Arguably that is a threat.

In addition, Trump intentionally insulted McConnell’s Wife, referring to her as “China-loving Wife, Coco Chow”.

In all of our history, we have never had a President as crass, and mean-spirited or as unsuited for public office than Donald J. Trump. How millions of Americans overlook such evil and unnecessary meanness is a total mystery to me. I know I cannot totally shutout of my life everyone who still supports Trump or still buys into The Big Lie, but it is getting harder and harder.

I know I would have nothing to do with a Nazi sympathizer or someone who executed Jews in the concentration camp. I think Trump is not quite as bad, but he is getting damn close.


Is there intelligence on Mars or on more planets than earth (or at least on most places on earth)? No one knows for sure. I can tell you there is intelligence in Mississippi, if for no other reason than that is where my friend Len Blackwell and his Wife Mary reside. Len served as President of The Mississippi Bar the same year I served as President of The Florida Bar, so we go back to either 1989 or 1990.

It is a little long but so erudite that I am typing out with one finger what Len recently responded to one of my almost daily rants that 64% of Republicans want us to be a Christian country. I have to add “run by white heterosexual men,” which probably takes the percentage to about 90%. There can be no doubt about what I say because the Republicans have already filed a bill banning all abortions everywhere.

“The problem so-called 'Christian Nationalist Republicans' never can understand is that the First Amendment doesn’t work unless it guarantees freedom of all religions, not just the one bubba and momma ‘n ’em belong to. AND it forbids the state from establishing any religion to impose on the rest of us. I’m pretty sure my concept of any deity differs from anybody else’s concept of one. And most people, and young people especially, don’t care if yours is a hairy thunderer or a cosmic muffin, or none at all. I’m proud that in my great-great- grandfather’s (John Jay Williams) obituary, it was said that he was a direct descendant of Roger Williams, and that he was proud of that kinship , too.

"I was in Home Depot a while back, getting the guy who makes keys to redo some keys he simply messed up. He somehow turned to religion. He told me my main problem was sin (I thought it was the keys he keyed wrong), and my only hope lay in the Bible. He then proceeded to tell me the only version of the Bible he believed was the King James Version. I told him I really liked that version, too, in Shakespearean English with wonderful poetic language. He said it was really the only one, and that every single word in it was the literal truth. I told him that some modern scholars take issue with King James’s insistence on the divine right of kings that the translation overly favors. He obviously did not believe me saying ‘Weil I’m gonna have to check that'. I assured him I still liked the King James Version, even though King James was a rather notorious bisexual man, having left love letters to his lover, who he created the Duke of Buckingham.

"By this time the guy muttered 'ima check that' And handed me my keys. I confess I was kind of an ass to say what I did, but NOBODY has a corner on religion, which is why I vehemently oppose so called 'Christian' Nationalism. It ‘s killing the Christian church, and it would pervert the state”.

I love having smart and thoughtful friends Try it, you’ll like it.


Watched a quarter and a half of Michigan v Iowa and then went to meet the Dimonds for lunch at Prime Italian on South Beach. We are very good friends and do not get together often enough. We all enjoyed the afternoon.

Lunch was more than enough food for the rest of the day. I had to have a little to eat just so I could take my damn pills.


Barbara and I then went over to the Design District to get a piece of luggage repaired at Rimowa and to purchase another suitcase for our upcoming travels. There are few products where I think one can say “this is the very best,” but Rimowa is one of them. It is expensive but worth it, because it generally lasts a lifetime, and is now guaranteed to do so. We have put several of our friends on to this brand and none have been disappointed.

I think the Design District is really nice and prefer to go there than to Bal Harbour.


I am hoping the 11th Circuit once again whacks the hell out of Judge Cannon. The woman has no business being a judge.


Bet all those Georgia fans had some anguish before the Bulldogs pulled it out against Missouri.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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