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Sunday, November 6, 2022

The trouble with Jewish food is that 72 hours later you are hungry again.


So, here is my tongue-in-cheek dilemma. After having my own law firm for 40 years, about 16 years ago I became a partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner, an international firm which at any given time has between 250 and 400 lawyers, all of whom are among the elite in terms of education, achievement and ability.

The Firm never had a family law department until I merged my boutique family law practice. We are a litigation firm with a handful of lawyers who do corporate work. We handle major matters.

I have been asked, as have all the partners, to fill out a form asking questions about the steps I intend to take to expand and grow my practice. Put another way, what will I do to get clients to retain me to handle their divorce or do their prenuptial agreement?

How would you answer? I have great credentials and experience and impeccable credentials. My peers recognize me as one of the best and the vast majority of my clients are satisfied with my representation.

I told the committee to whom this form was going that I could hand out cards to every couple particularly any I observed having an argument. I could start a phone bank to call rich woman and say this is Tiffany's and Trixie’s Diamond bracelet is ready.

Just how do I stir up domestic intranquillity? One thing I can do is answer the phone when it rings. By the way, I have never advertised so park benches, backs of buses or television ads are not an option.


There are many ways to make charitable tax deductible contributions to a temple or synagogue. One can make the gift just payable to the institution such as Temple Beth El where I belong and was once President. Or, there are specific funds to which one can contribute such as the building fund of the school. If funds are designated in that manner, they can only be used for that purpose.

One such fund is the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, which means the Rabbi can basically do whatever he or she wants with the money. I think we need a President’s Discretionary Fund of some significant amount so that if dingbats like MTG get all funding cut off to Ukraine, we have not breached our commitment to our NATO allies or put democracy in Western Europe in peril, having been overrun by madman Putin.

I have said it before but here goes again. We just have to get uncrazy and we have two days to do it. If you have to, drive people you know to the polls and bring them home. Buy lunch for them

—- ——————.

Mattress Mack won about $75 million last night as the Astros won the World Series. Mack also threw out the first pitch. It was really a great series, and the Phillies have nothing to be ashamed of. Their fans are a different story.

Peña won the MVP as a rookie. He looks like the next superstar.


Michigan lost the first half to Rutgers but outscored them in the second half 38 to 0. As Dorothy Fields wrote, “It’s not how you start but how you finish”.

Alabama lost to LSU, a big upset, and that helps Michigan in the playoff rankings. Two of the top four lost yesterday. Clemson also lost, so Michigan could be #3 behind Georgia and Ohio State. They could even be 2 since the Buckeye did not play that well against Northwestern ——————————

Phone bank went well, and sangria/Prosecco Party was a hit. Everyone was very appreciative.


Will watch Dolphins play Bears today.


Please vote today and try to get others to vote.


It is time to indict Trump.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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