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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Let me tell you how dumb Herschel Walker is.

The coach pled with the Professor to give Walker the simplest possible exam to make sure he passed, because if he didn’t pass, he couldn’t play in the game. If he didn’t play the team would lose, if the team lost, the football program would suffer severely, if the football team suffered, millions would be lost and if millions were lost, there would be no money to pay the professors.

The professor fully embraced the concept and said to Walker, "I am going to give you a simple spelling test, an everyday word you encounter everyday, and you do not even have to spell it right. All you have to do is get one letter right out of six. Now, please spell “coffee” for me." Walker smiled and said “K-A-W- P-H-I-I”.

If Walker wins, he will join another football person in the United States Senate, Tommy Tuberville, Jr., Senator from Alabama, former head coach at Auburn and another genius. Reputedly, Tuberville went to a Professor with his star running back who had the same issue as Walker. The Professor embraced similar reasoning and said to the star running back “how much is 2 &2?” and the star responded “4”. Tuberville, immediately responded “Aw, please, please, give him one more chance”.


Before I get serious and discuss briefly the deadly serious issue of Trump’s embracing the neo-Nazis, here are Trump’s most recent pleas to me.

"ONE-OF-A-KIND, SIGNED TRUMP 2024 MAGA HAT. This is it. Donald J. Trump is ONLY OFFERING it to his #1 patriot: YOU. Win here."

And then:

"The most important donation you’ll make. President Trump needs you more than ever”.


He sure does need something more than ever. He needs to get his anti-Semitic NeoNazi fat ass put in jail and the key thrown away. If you are not following this story, I suggest you start RIGHT NOW.

Trump hosted for dinner the antisemitic Kanye West along with far right white supremacist Nick Fuentes. Fuentes, an open admirer of Mussolini and Putin, and Trump hit it off immediately. Trump is reported as saying about Fuentes, “I like this guy, he gets me”.

Really? What does Fuentes get? I’ll tell you. He gets another NeoNazi white supremacist who wants to be President of the United States. Holy shit! people, wake up. And where are the other Republicans denouncing what is going on? Trump is nothing short of a lunatic and I am hard pressed not to have the same opinion of his followers.

“Well, I Iike Trump’s stand on China,” to which I want to say, “so f——g what”? We had better put a halt right now to the Marjorie Taylor Greenes and Paul Gosars in our country who have embraced the far right and affiliated themselves with Fuentes, and, now, apparently Trump himself.

One conservative, Bill Kristofferson, asked, “Aren’t there five decent Republicans in the House who will announce they won’t vote for anyone for Speaker who doesn’t denounce their party’s current leader, Donald Trump, for consorting (and embracing) with the repulsive NeoNazi Fuentes?”


Yesterday, I had my eyes refracted for the first time in four years. I needed new glasses badly, which I knew because that is why I went. I really liked the way I was treated in every respect. I had an appointment at 10 a.m. and was seen exactly on time. Even though the prices had increased, because I was a returning customer, I was given the same price as before, saving 60 euros, and by buying a second pair was saved another 300 euros. When I asked if I needed to pay or at least give a deposit, I was told no because they knew me.


While Barbara had her yoga, I went to hang out with Marco in the leather store. We really enjoy each other’s company. Marco serves me whatever I want to eat and drink, and I get to meet and enjoy conversations with some of his customers. Yesterday, I met a really nice American couple from Colorado who now both work somewhere north of Venice. They are never returning to live back in the States because of the very same issues discussed above and in many of my previous blogs.

By the way, my low sodium lunch turned out to be two cappuccinos at Marco’s and a popsicle when I got home.


We then went to a really terrific concert. I have posted the program.


Got home in time to follow an unbelievable Michigan-Ohio State game. I cannot believe Michigan won without its star running back. Harbaugh should be a shoo-in for coach of the year. I have now watched the highlights of the game several times and cannot believe how many great plays Michigan ran. And, their defense totally shutdown the Buckeye offense in the second half in Columbus.


The Florence Marathon is about to start. It will be extremely hectic. Our friend Mario Esposito, the restaurant manager at the Four Seasons, is running . No cars can get into the city after I think 8:30 a.m.


Go Blue!

Go Ukraine!

Leave Trump and the radical right wing!

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