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Sunday, November 13, 2022

I want to give attribution to Stephen J Boies for the point I am going to make.

All the way back in 1977, awell known country music star, Johnny Paycheck, had a huge hit with a song called ”Take This Job and Shove It ( I ain’t workin’ here no more)".

Stephen observed that if the Democrats win the Senate seats in both Nevada and Georgia, the biggest loser will be Joe Manchin. He will go from being not only the biggest Democratic thorn in Biden’s neck, and from one of the most powerful Democrats in the Senate to, essentially, just another guy with one vote. Biden would never do it but others would tell this pain in the ass Manchin that he can take his cry baby sanctimonious vote and shove it ( (where the sun doesn’t shine).


Gordon Ramsey is charging $485 per person for Christmas dinner at Petrus in London. No drinks are included. No caviar or other such delicacy and no sexual act. (at least none advertised). Looked at menu. Nothing strikes me as extraordinary or even particularly expensive or hard to find. In other words, no bald eagle or other endangered species.


Only followed on YouTube from Italy, but Michigan seemed to beat Nebraska handily. Once again, it will be the Ohio State/Michigan game which decides who Georgia beats the shit out of in the final game. Understand Hershell Walker plans to play incognito.


Maestro took the lead in Nevada about 3 a.m. Florence time. Just a little less than 5000 votes ahead, but things are trending her way. Once again, the culinary workers in Clark County (Las Vegas), where I go to visit my money, will be the difference.

I was still up at 4 a.m Sunday (7 p.m. Saturday in Nevada) when the Associated Press called Maestro the winner. So far that news, great for the Democrats, is not widespread.

A Democrat-controlled Senate protects all Biden’s pending judicial appointments and may offer an opportunity to make some other really important ones. Wow!


Wonderful concert yesterday. I will post the program separately because my limited skills prevent me from incorporating a picture in this post.

My sister Pat (Patsy to me) and her Husband Dick are visiting. After the concert, Barbara went home and the three of us ate at a very nice local place called Gator & Volpe (the cat and the fox). They have great draft beer and I think every table in our room had beer not wine. Neither Dick nor Pat ate much. I had eaten practically nothing all day and had a caprese salad and tagliata, which is sliced steak.

By the way, Pat’s real first name is Louise. No one ever called her that. She has known Barbara since I started seeing Barbarawhen she was 17 and I was 18. Barbara used to stay in Patsy’s room when she visited our house in South Orange, New Jersey. At one point, my sister said to Barbara, “Are you going to marry my Brother? Because if you don’t, you cannot stay with me anymore”.


Today is brunch at The Four Seasons and we will be joined by Stefano and Luca. We do not get oysters at the Dolphins game, but they fly in fresh oysters from Provence for the brunch. I do not think there is a better one in the world and if there is something I want that is not part of the brunch, they will make it for me and do it without salt.


Boebert looks like she will hold on. Here is a woman, a lunatic, tired of the “church separate from state” crap who did not even graduate from high school and is a member of the United States Congress. What are the voters in Colorado thinking? Maybe that all segments of American life deserve representation, even those who want to bring down the very underpinnings of our Constitution? What a travesty


I just learned that Bob Fishman, the owner of Post Haste Pharmacy in Hollywood, Florida died. Bob was a really interesting and smart guy. I used to go into to his office and talk for hours about his views on alternative forms of medicine. I also represented one of his children in what could have been a horrible divorce, but thanks to Bob’s help, resolved amicably.


Will follow the Dolphins game on my iPad. I used to find a sports bar, bring my own peanuts in the shell, and drink several beers, but have not done that for years. Not even sure what places I could go to now.


With the time change, it is already after 7 a.m. here in Italy but only a little after 1 a.m. in Florida. Still, I have said enough so will see you tomorrow. At least, that is my plan


Go Ukraine.

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