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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Obviously, we cancelled our trip to Lucca, because we spent the morning at the hospital being evaluated and fitted with a knee brace and crutches. Stefano and Luca, however, went to Lucca, where, allegedly, there was a Caravaggio exhibit. It turned out that there was only one painting by this great artist.


I am learning how to use the crutches. It is not so easy and, by the end of the day, I was exhausted. Still, we had a lot to celebrate because my condition could have been much worse. So I opened a bottle of champagne and a jar of caviar that we bought In Ferrara and that was our dinner, an early Mother’s Day celebration.


We have had a long-standing date with Madeleine and Don Leone for brunch at the Four Seasons. By coincidence, Don was walking by as I was being loaded into the ambulance Friday night. I do not think he expected us to keep our date. However, this is our next-to- last brunch and I will take a taxi while Barbara walks. It is not that easy to get into a taxi with a leg brace and crutches, but it would be impossible had I been fitted with a cast. We will see how it goes. I emailed Don we were coming and to look for the worst dressed person in the place——-moi . You gotta learn to play hurt.


The Marlins finally won a game 8 to 0 against the Padres on the road. If they could have reallocated these runs, to the five previous games they lost by one run, it would be a whole different game.

This distorted way of thinking also led me to say yesterday that we should lose weight for the calories we do not consume. Also, for calories earned standing up.


I started posting at the beginning of the pandemic. I wrote a lot about my Mother so I am not going to repeat it on this Mother’s Day. I will tell you that she was, by far, the biggest influence in my life before I met my Wife. In fact, Barbara would never have married me were it not for the principles taught me by my Mother.

Often one sees the question “if you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would if be?” My answer is not even close—-“my Mother”. Not a day goes by that I do not think of her. She died over 40 years ago, at way too young an age. She was an extraordinary woman.

I attribute virtually all my good characteristics to Hortense Ruth Fox. I am responsible for all my bad characteristics. ——————————

Clarence Thomas continues to be a total schmuck. Alito is, apparently, hiding out. I may have missed it, but other than Roberts, the other Justices have not said much.


Well, even though it broke my heart, I ended up cancelling going to the brunch. There were just too many hurdles to overcome.

I bit off much more than I could chew when I thought I could do anything but totally rest my leg. Tomorrow, I have a dental appointment that I absolutely cannot miss and I have no idea how I get that done.


I wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. I thank everyone for wishing me well with my fractured fibula. It is now1 p.m here in Florence. I should be drinking my first glass of Prosecco and eating delicious oysters flown in fresh from France, and I cannot even think of eating or drinking. Today has been rougher than even the five hours in the emergency room. Sorry but I am not able to write anything erudite. Hopefully lying still in bed all day, icing regularly, and trying my best to be completely immobile will make tomorrow a better day.


Go Ukraine

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