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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Yesterday we were in Benin and I was quite an incredible day.

Thousands of slaves were sent around the world from Benin. With a private guide we, along with our friends Alicia and Andy saw lots of places connected to the slaves and well as many other extraordinary sights.

One place we went to was the Gate of No Return where the slaves being shipped out were taken. I stayed in the van while the other three walked to the edge of the water. All of a sudden there was a knock on my window and standing there, was one of our closest friends in the world Vivian Dimond. She had flown to Benin to see a man who had been her chef for many years but retired and returned home to Benin. Vivian’s Husband Alan is a lawyer in Miami, former President of The Florida Bar, in fact I introduced him when he was sworn in. The Dimonds are really close friends and one of the unusual aspects of our friendship is that we are not only friends as couples, but Vivian and I are close and Barbara and Alan are also close. Any two would have dinner with the other at any time. I figure the odds more than a billion to one that we run into each other in West Africa.


Maybe because our trip being almost over has changed our attitude, but we have concluded that this has been the trip of a lifetime. Each day since we have been in Africa has been phenomenal. We felt the same way about the almost month we spent in Australia.

I do have this this unfortunate observation. We have now been to about a dozen countries in Africa and I can tell you that China is eating our damn lunch. They have paved thousands of miles of roads and taken in return mineral rights and other assets that more than pay for what they have invested in an infrastructure that puts ours to shame. We better wake up soon.


Marlins finally won a game.

Clock went back an hour last night and goes back another hour tonight

I had another musical trivia quiz ready. It will wait until tomorrow or the next day.

Went to local restaurant in Benin. 8 people ate and drank tons of food. Bill was $42.


My crystal ball is telling me Trump will soon experience some major legal setbacks.


In thee meantime, I cannot tell you how discouraging it is Chief Justice Roberts, the other Justices and every American who cares about our judicial system, is handling the actions of Clarence Thomas. He needs to go and every day he stays the loss being suffered is immeasurable.


The same needs to be said about how the Republicans are handling the issue of raising the debt ceiling. They should be shot en masse, and one thing we know for sure is that there are plenty of guns to do the job.


Really too tired/exhilarated to write more so see you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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