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Sunday, May 28, 2023

The lead story early Sunday in Florence is that Biden and McCarthy have agreed, in principle, for raising the debt ceiling. The deal would be in effect for the next two years and take us beyond the 2024 election. This does not appear to be a “done deal”. The fat lady has not yet sung. There are several radicals who are threatening to gum up the works, offer amendments and/or find some other monkey wrench to screw things up.

Biden is not home free in his own party, but his problems appear to be far less significant because he has fewer lunatics with which to deal. Stay tuned. I expect I will be adding more to this post before it goes out about 12 hours from now.


The other big story as I got up was that the Texas House voted overwhelmingly to impeach Ken Paxton and now the three ring circus will go into full swing. Trump has now threatened every Republican who votes for impeachment. He is not the only major Republican in the “Lunatic Hall of Fame” to peep up. Ted Cruz has come to Paxton’s defense. Paxton is so corrupt that, if the Texas Senate refuses to find him guilty and does not remove him from office, the Republican Party will simply be then known as “The Party of Corruption”. Many already think that. Failing to remove Paxton could be the final nail in the coffin.

For those who are living under a rock, the impeachment is just the allegation of guilt. That is done by the House. Then, a trial is held in the Senate. You can call or write Marjorie Taylor Greene WTH any further inquiries on the impeachment process.


Great brunch at Four Seasons yesterday. Went with Stefano and Luca. They are one of the nicest couples we know. Stefano owns and operate a small but very successful hotel. He is fully booked and has not a single room available until June 6.

Stefano and Barbara are kindred “ museum spirits”. He has forgotten more about paintings and other fine arts than most people ever know.

Last December, just Stefano went to Paris with us to celebrate Barbara’s birthday, and to seethe reopening of a famous museum. We went to others as well. Anyway, I asked Stefano if he spoke any French. I had five years of French and can say “bonjour” a few other phrases, and, of course, ask for a check which I can do in many languages. Stef said something like “I a get along”. That turned out to be the third biggest lie which became obvious in the taxi from the Paris airport to the hotel. Stefano speaks totally fluent, perfect French, so good that some locals mentioned it to him.

How is that for being “modest”. For years, we have spent as much or more time with Stefano and Gabriella and Gianni, than anyone in Italy. They all three speak perfect French .

We thought yesterday was the last brunch but there is one more next Sunday so Charles and his family will get to go. Huge lunch day before in Corazzano so I doubt Barbara will do both.

One reason we do pretty well here is that Florence is a walking city and totally safe. Just going to buy some groceries at a store on our block and walking to brunch and back, I had over 8000 steps.

Going back to it being safe in Florence, there are a few places I would not walk alone at night, but there are pick pockets. Most work the railroad station, and most are gypsies who dress like gypsies so it does not take a genius to avoid most of them most of the time


Today haircuts and then the dentist. Then, we get ready for son Charles, Cindy and three of our grandchildren.


What Democrats are happy with Hakeem Jeffries? I have not been paying careful attention while traveling around the world, and, further, I admit to being a huge fan of Nancy Pelosi, but my gut is telling me Jeffries should be more pro-active than he has been. Pelosi wasa master when it came to keeping control of her caucus. We are now fast approaching the time when we will see just how well Jeffries can do. Pray my gut is wrong.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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