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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Another month has come and gone. Time flies, and it seems the older one gets, the faster it flies.


I am sure many things happened in the world yesterday, but I know very little about it. In fact, yesterday was not an unpleasant day but I did nothing remarkable. Barbara accompanied Gene and Linda to the Donatello Exhibit after their return from seeing the David. I did some grocery shopping and read.

It broke my heart that I could not go out to dinner with the Davidsons, but we have brunch today. We went to Corazzano Friday and had a party Thursday night. My weight is up a little, but still 12 pounds less than when I arrived. I did not want to get out of control so I stayed home.

The eternal dilemma we have living in Florence several months and loving having friends visit, is that we are “living” in Florence and our guests are “vacationing” in Florence. On vacations, I far prefer to eat out all the time, but it is virtually impossible to eat and drink in a healthy manner going to restaurants all the time. It is particularly difficult in a place like Florence.

Still a mystery to me is how my ancestors made it out of their 40’s with a diet composed, to a great extent, by schmaltz and other foods that now make most people shudder. They also smoked. Oh, well.


Friday was daughter Beth’s and Walter’s anniversary. They went to the Marlins’ game, and Walter arranged to have their anniversary noted on the screen. That was topped, however, because Walter found a very talented country music singer who did a song Walter wrote about Beth. It was really terrific, and very unique.

Walter texted me that it was difficult to get original after 20 Valentines Days, birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Days. I wrote him back “try 61, you get no sympathy from me”.


Barbara has maintained that someday I will get shot for joking as I check in at the Florence Airport “did Gino like his pasta today?” because if he didn’t, the crew could decide to strike and not fly. Strikes, in Italy, happen regularly at the drop of a hat, and one can never be sure when the taxi drivers, or the bus drivers, or whomever, will decide not to work.

Yesterday, it was the baggage handlers at the airport who decided to not work, so the Wheatleys never made it home. They ended up spending the night in Frankfurt. I understand Lufthansa handled the situation extremely well. That has been our experience as well and when we can fly Lufthansa, we do.


The Marlins won their 7th in a row. Very impressive. They are playing .600 ball and are in second place.


Having nothing erudite to say, I will see you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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