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Sunday, March 6, 2022

A little mix up with my website so please disregard what I wrote about a new singer. That will all be revised as soon as possible. I did not start with a Polish, I mean Russian joke, because I am just not in a joking mood with what is happening to Ukraine. Normally, we, and all democracies, would go fight side by side, but Putin is such a madman he could blow us all to smithereens even without a reason. What we cannot do is give him a reason.

As I predicted, Putin has now said that the economic sanctions imposed upon him amount to a declaration of war. How can we be surprised? These days, wars can be waged without bullets. We are far from being out of the woods regardless of whether we have boots on the ground and actually shoot at Russians or their planes

The pressure on Putin is growing. Soon warm weather arrives which means the needs of other countries for Russia’s gas and oil will lessen.


Schumer has promised Ukraine $10 billion in aid. How many Republicans will vote against it?


President Zelenskyy addressed members of the US House and Senate on Saturday. I tried reasonably hard to find out who did not attend but failed. Someone besides The Shadow knows, but I do not. Rubio attended but broke the rules, which could have endangered Zalenskyy’s life.


On balance, I am glad that the war on Ukraine is being televised. I have now memorized several advertisements so I would like some new ones. Also, do we have to see so many people having their entire lives ripped apart. I understand the human interest component and that it is important to remind the world with real examples of the tragedies, but when they do those segments, now I reach for the clicker to find the ad asking for only a few dollars to save this starving puppy knowing that if I act right away, I get a valuable T Shirt.


Meanwhile, still not baseball because the rich athletes cannot make a deal with even the richer owners. This means the poor people who depend on baseball for their sustenance are left out in the cold altogether.


Americans have now been told to get out of Russia. This is not a suggestion. It is a commandment. I know many people who do not know the difference.


Hard to believe, but Russian soldiers claim they did not know they were not going off to war. They thought they were just maneuvers. I guess that is my Russian joke for the day.


Visa and Mastercard have joined American Express in cutting off Russia. There are a lot of potential jokes, but this war is no laughing matter.


I had been hoping for a huge snowstorm in Ukraine. It does snow there. I checked just to be sure. Now, however, with so many Ukrainians becoming homeless each day, I think I need to rescind my wish. Anyone have an opinion of whether snow is good news or bad news?


I also checked and Joe Biden does play golf. Does anyone know the last time?


Someone just asked to be my friend on Facebook. We had many mutual friends. I really liked this guy on paper as did many other because he had almost 5000 friends which is the maximum. I turned him down because he wrote he was a Republican.

Cheney has now come up with the label “Putin Republican”. As I have said before, there used to be great Republicans. Not only were some of them among my best friends, In my life, I have voted for Republicans and contributed to their campaigns. However, now I just cannot pull the trigger and accept those who either expressly or tacitly accept principles I was taught were wrong.

I hope things will swing back, but right now there are just too many bad things happening in our country that Republicans refuse to lift a finger to try to remedy.


Have a nice Sunday

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