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Sunday, March 5, 2023

We sail into Sydney Harbor this morning, one of the prettiest scenes in all of cruising. It is quite a sight.

The will end a major segment of the entire world cruise. About 150 passengers leave and a few more than that number get on Australian Immigration really is weird. A friend’s son and his girlfriend have flown to Sydney to join his parents for the next segment. Seabourn will let them on today, and they can move into their cabin a day early. However, if they do that they cannot get off the ship until it leaves Sydney at the end of Tuesday. So, to avoid becoming prisoners, the son is staying at a hotel tonight and getting on Tuesday.

Lost trivial pursuit for the segment. Lost in poker yesterday. Almost got wiped out in first hand.

Seabourn opened up its galley for lunch yesterday. It is the second time since we left Miami two months ago today. Most people think it is the best meal on the ship. Still have to wear masks when walking through and, of course, wash your hands at the entrance.

Seabourn also had a goodbye party on the pool deck at 6 p.m. for departing passengers and crew. We lose a Captain in a few more days in Melbourne. He and his Wife, both English, are very popular.

Today the weather is predicted to be 99 degrees. Some passengers are very apprehensive and have cancelled or significantly modified their plans.


Trump says he will not withdraw even if he is indicted. How about if he is indicted multiple times?

I would be surprised if Judges continued any proceedings so Trump could campaign. However, there is nothing in our court system that I would dismiss out of hand as being too outlandish.


Learned yesterday that a couple we liked on the ship who were taking the whole cruise had to cancel the rest of their cruise in Cairns and fly home to Georgia The Husband’s back acted up so badly he could hardly move. They were really nice people whom we wanted to include in our upcoming anniversary celebration.


You may not hear from me tomorrow as we are staying off the ship through dinner tonight and it it will well into the following day in Florida before we get back to the ship.


Go Ukraine

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