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Sunday, March 27, 2022

I understand that liberals and conservatives interpret our Constitution differently. Still. I would be broke if you allowed me to bet that any Justice would vote that the President of the United States is not Commander in Chief of our military. That is exactly how Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch voted—— holy mackerel!


Before leaving our Supreme Court, I graduated from law school in 1965. I have never had the opportunity to argue before the Court, but I am licensed to do so. I have attended several arguments before the Court and have read extensively about it. I count Dahlia Lithwick, one of the great experts about the Court, as my friend. I regard myself as reasonably well educated when it comes to the Supreme Court and Constitutional Law. Tribe, I am not, but I still know enough to observe that, at best, to borrow from Gershwin, “justice is a sometime thing”.

Never in modern time has the Supreme Court of the United States been as bad as it is now. Simply put, there is no longer a level playing field. That is tragic.

Do not waste your time and effort thinking about impeaching Clarence Thomas. Even if the House impeached him, the Senate would never convict and give Biden another appointment. The best we can hope for, publicly, is that Thomas recuse himself in all cases where there can even be an appearance of impropriety. ———————————-

Biden has caused a global uproar with some ad-lib words to the effect that Putin cannot stay in power. Bet the ripple effect of those comments will be discussed and then discussed some more.

Biden also called Putin “a butcher”. Mild mannered Joe may not be so mild mannered anymore.

Can you imagine the logistical nightmare of guarding President Biden over four full days in Europe? Going to Brussels is one thing. Going to Poland is a whole other ballgame.

Have not heard any complaints recently about Biden’s energy level. Last week, Barbara and I flew Miami to Zurich to Florence and can still feel the effect of just the long distance travel.


Why are so many American businesses still doing business with Russia? A consumer boycott is not enough. Maybe it is already being done, but if not, those businesses who are boycotting Russia but are also doing business with those still doing business need to stop.


I have said frequently “being right is often overrated”. Regularly adopting that principle has kept me happily married over 61 years.


Very reluctantly, I just cancelled going to brunch, my very favorite thing to do. Just not yet up to par. Next Sunday scheduled to go to Arezzo. I cannot imagine not being well enough to go.


Go Ukraine

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