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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Facebook has a legend where I start my post each day that say “what is on your mind?” I never really answer that question. I simply, sometimes at one time at the end of the day, and sometimes throughout the preceding day, write down whatever happens to go through my mind. Often, what I write are total non sequiturs that make no sense except, maybe just to me. Sometimes, I just am in the mood to say something to someone else but myself, and so, you who read my meanderings regularly or only occasionally are the victims of what purports to be my mind.

Sometimes, what I regard to be important occurs and I want to say how I feel about it. Does what I post ever make a difference? I would like to think so, but I really do not know. One thing I think I have accomplished is to cause some people, at least those who still have open minds, to think a little more. More particularly, I want them to start thinking about someone other than themselves. I want, and think it is best for everyone, if we try to help those who need help, do things for those who cannot, for whatever reason, do it for themselves, and stop being so god damn selfish.

Do you have enough? How much is enough? Isn’t it clear that many do not have enough? Are we back to “only the fittest should survive?

When a new client brings me their tax returns, the first thing I turn to is the charitable contributions. If I see none or see a pittance, that tell me more about that person than anything else. I understand charity starts at home. I understand that many people, often for totally valid reasons, are already spending on important things, all of their money. however, there is a story about a professor who rolls out on the podium a large barrel and has a pile of rocks and pebbles. The instructions are for the class to pack the barrel so that absolutely nothing more can fit in it.

After the class has worked for hours and announces to the professor that nothing more can fit n the barrel, the professor brings out a case of beer and pours it into the barrel. The lesson taught is that “there is always room for a case of beer”.

The lesson I wish we all could learn, is that there is always a way to help those less fortunate. Think of it this way when bargainin over the cost of something, or deciding how much tip to leave: is the amount more important to you or to the other person. Will the $10 or $20 or $100 make a bigger difference in your life or theirs? At least some of the time, decide in the other person’s favor. Amen.


Yesterday ended trivial pursuit for the cruise segment just ended. We came in 3rd which was pretty good. There were 13 teams.


Seabourn had a very nice sail away party. Did go to real gym yesterday and did better on treadmill than day before.

Been told not to wear expensive jewelry in Bali or carry a lot of cash. Apparently, the United States is not the only place becoming more lawless. Florida will soon be worse than the Wild West


I do not have a lot to say that is worthwhile so that ‘s it. See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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