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Sunday, March 19, 2023

If I told you about our day yesterday, (a) you would not believe me, and (b) I would have to kill you if I did. We spent the entire day with our friends from Perth and are doing the same today..

We were the last people back on the ship. We spent hours driving through much of Western Australia, seeing our friends magnificent home, going out on their boat for a delicious lunch and seeing parts of Australia that few outsiders get to see.

Our friends are two of the most extraordinary people we have ever met, extremely charitable and successful, but very private. They would be appalled if we divulged the things they have confided in us for reasons I do not fully understand, but we will respect their strong desire for total privacy.

I can say that one thing to binds us is that we share so many values. In some respects, we could not be more different, but not when it comes to our marriages, or the way we try to conduct our lives.

If we did no live over 11,000 miles from each other, we would see them all the time. They have visited us in Italy. Anyway,it was a great day, and, as always, I felt far smarter at the end of yesterday than I did at the beginning. —————————— Lunch was enough that all I had for dinner last night was some orange juice. —————————- Want to see the other side of the political spectrum from me? Read the comments to what I posted yesterday. I have no further comment. ————————- I really am exhausted. See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan . —————————— Go Ukraine

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