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Sunday, March 13, 2022

We are still sending medicines to Russia. The pharmacy companies maintain it is the humanitarian thing to do. My view: Putin bombing hospitals, killing children, committing multiple war crimes, and risking serious damage by bombing places like Chernobyl. Sorry, Charlie, they do not deserve humanitarian treatment. We need to stop meeting Russia’s medical needs. This is not a hard call for me.


We had a great 61st anniversary lunch. Three children, all seven grandchildren . Barbara’s brother Joe Bankman is in town for FTX events today, David and two sons, Bobby and Elaine and Amy and Susie, so the people I am closest to. I am not sure if the adults really had any food but 15 bottles of champagne and an orchard of orange juice were consumed between 1:30 and 5:00.

Joe, Barbara, and I went back to our house for half an hour and then had a car take us to the FTX Arena for the Heat game. Sat in the FTX box and met a lot of very nice people. Our anniversary was celebrated on the arena ‘s screen but I did not get a picture of it. One is being sent to us,

So, it was a day of celebration and fun, some work for Barbara getting ready for today's events. Barbara will be working all day today and into the night. I will be at the arena most of the day, but then will attend a memorial dinner for Caryl Boies, David’s daughter who would have been sixty today had she not passed away from lung cancer. She was our daughter’s best friend, a second daughter to us, and our youngest grandchild is named for her. I chaperoned her bachelorette party to the Bahamas and even won some money. Lots of memories.


I have no erudite observations today, have no idea what happened in the world yesterday. Barbara and I have never forgotten how lucky we are. It would have been good, from my perspective at least, that our children would have had their children earlier, because I would love to be alive to see the grandchildren grown and settled. Each, in their own way, is very special as you expect me or any grandparent to feel. I, particularly liked to see closed loops.

See you tomorrow.

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