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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Louie Gohmert: ever heard of him? He is a Republican from Texas and he has a complaint. The complaint is that if you are a Republican, you cannot even lie to Congress or to the F. B.I.. Apparently, this moronic statement was in response to a Democrat being found not guilty by a jury of lying to the F.B.I.

Texas seems to be producing geniuses faster than I can count them.


The French Open Final Saturday was not really a close match but still very enjoyable. Two class acts whom I expect will play many more times as the Champ is 21 and the runner-up 18.

I am looking forward to watching Nadal this morning in the Men’s Finals.


I am still basically in bed trying to rehabilitate my leg. Not nearly as comfortable here in Florida as I was in Florence, but it is what it is.


I did watch the Marlins play. Despite a terrible blunder in the top of the 9th, they overcame a 4 to 0 deficit and walked it off in the bottom of the 9th by one run 5 to 4. Biggest play was a balk by the Giant pitcher. That is something the Marlins generally would do.


I expect many of you receive, and hopefully read, a daily (almost daily) newsletter from Helen Cox Richardson. Often what she has to say is both relevant and informative. She certainly frequently provides some food for thought. She is no Tom Friedman, but still worth reading.

Today she wrote about the Marshall Plan. At first blush, that subject might strike you as some kind of, for lack of a better term, “current event non sequitur”, but it really is not.

What the Marshall Plan accomplished for Western Europe after WWII was miraculous. Very similar circumstances exist at this time. If democracies have a future, it is up to the United States to see to it. The problem is that right now our own democracy is on life support.

Seriously, to help others, one first has to be safe. That is why we are told on the plane that in case of oxygen loss, first put on your mask and then help whomever needs it.

If one is sick or not handling things well at a given moment, it is almost impossible to help others. My own Father totally abdicated being head of our family when my Mother got ill, because he lost the capacity to think about or help others. That left me, the oldest child, together with Barbara, to take over most of the family responsibilities and we were still struggling young people ourselves.

The point for today is not complex. The world is in trouble and one reason (not the only reason) for that trouble is that the United States is no longer united, and has lost at least some of the capacity it needs to help the rest of the world.

I have approached a very complex subject in very simplistic terms. However, in a nutshell, the question is “how can we help others if we cannot help ourselves?”

And the second party of the problem is that we have too many politicians and people who do not think others need help. That subject could encompass numerous doctoral theses.


Reaching what even for him is a new low, Ron DeSantis went after the Special Olympics because they wanted the participants vaccinated. Hard to imagine. Our Governor gives new meaning to “Creep”.


Go Ukraine

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