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Sunday, June 12, 2022

If you want to laugh, check out an Italian comic Brian Maniacalco. I think he is very good and captures the Italian mentality very well.


This thought was triggered by a thought posted by my friend John Ellis. Instead of voting for more security for the Supreme Court Justices, arm them with the same weapons our teachers will have to protect themselves and their students. If teachers can do it, SCOTUS can do it.


I thought the television coverage of The Belmont Stakes was at least an hour longer than it should have been. Actually, it was boring enough that I got to see most of the Marlins game, which was more interesting. Marlins won again.


Daughter Beth is having a good time in Nashville celebrating a friend’s milestone birthday at a four-day country music festival. Walter brought over their two children for a while.

I still have not driven nor have I walked the stairs at our house yet, but expect to try the stairs Monday and driver to the office Tuesday. Getting stronger each day.


It is a mystery to me why more Republicans are not getting on Liz Cheney’s bandwagon and supporting the principles for which she stands. I disagree with almost all her conservative views, but I see the merit in them.

Cheney has provided a huge escape route for the Republicans. They have to realize that she is right that the oath they take when elected is to our Constitution and not to Donald Trump or any other individual.

Greed is the number one consideration these days. Just look at what is happening in the world of golf. The Saudis, with their literally endless billions, could destroy professional golf as we know it. Keep in mind, and I have not bothered to look up the numbers, that many charities greatly benefit from the golf tournaments held around the United States.

Like with many other things that occur, far too many do not take the time to analyze the ripple effect. For example, when pilots strike, airports close. When airports close, all the people working in the restaurants and throughout the airport cannot work. The shoe shine person has no shoes to shine. etc.

Money and power have become “it”. Human life, including our allegedly sacred children are the victims. Politicians like Ron DeSantis look to punish those who disagree with their positions. There is no more civilized or meaningful debate. These gun control negotiations taking place in Washington are better than nothing, maybe, but the real solutions are not even on the table.

If any legislation is produced, it will be cosmetic in nature. The politicians are still afraid of losing NRA support. Strip away the tinsel and you get to the real tinsel underneath.


The costs associated with maintaining our house are starting to get to me. We recently purchased two new air conditioning units so we have completely new air conditioning upstairs. Yesterday, the downstairs compressor broke and needs to be replaced.

The cost of maintaining the yard is enough to feed most families for multiple years and dealing with most of the workmen is no pleasure. Prices seem to be set at the highest possible level that can be charged without going to jail, and everything they try to make an “extra”.

As a gambler, breaking even or even losing a little is good. I am beginning to think along the lines of “I came into this world with nothing, and if I leave with nothing I am even, and that is good”. I used to say, “If I died with a dollar, I miscalculated,” but it was supposed to be a joke.

Warren Buffet’s Vice-Chair Charlie Munger says that he only wants to know one thing——where he is supposed to die, and then, he just won’t go there.


I just read a list of purportedly the 40 best actors of all time. Just off the top of my head, missing from the list were Spencer Tracy, Orson Wells, Paul Muni, Laurence Olivier, Charles Chaplin, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Jimmy Cagney, Edward G Robinson, and numerous others. Oh well, what do I know, except Spencer Tracy!!!!!!!! Give me a break.


Go Ukraine

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