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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Travel from Fort Lauderdale to CA was not easy. Lauderdale Airport was a mob scene. Check in okay but no PSA clearance which drives me nuts. Fortunately ,I had Global Entry card with me so had it added. However, despite being in their records, the CLEAR did not work and the lady in charge would not let me through. My carry bag was heavier than I intended, so it was somewhat of a chore getting to the gate. I forced myself to walk because once I become dependent on a wheelchair, I enter a phase of my life I want to delay for as long as I can. Still, I know that the number of these trips which I love are dwindling down to a precious few.

Did get lucky getting an aisle seat. With my medications, I never know how often I will need a restroom. Luck continued. My seat was actually about two steps from the bathroom. It is surprising how sloppily so many passengers are dressed. Many look like they are going to the beach. There was a time when almost everyone was dressed up. Of course, there was a time that the airlines served food one could eat.

Jet Blue had the best internet service I have ever had on a plane and it was free. Fortunately, Barbara put some healthy food in my carryon. Jet Blue offered food, five selections in all from which you could choose three. Included were two dishes almost sure to cause a heart attack and the others a minor stroke. There was a minimum of one, maybe two weeks of cholesterol laden dishes. I felt like I was entitled to a gold medal for saying “no thank you, I do not let airlines feed me or restaurants fly me” and ate some cherries with toasted English muffins.

Just in case you ate the plane food and survived, the snack just before landing was chocolate covered cashews. The skinny guy next to me probably consumed 3000 calories.

Landed right on time. Very good flight but a few comments about San Francisco Airport. We land in Terminal 1 named for Harvey Milk. Do not wait to get to get off the plane to find a restroom. Essentially there are none for a long time. There are lots of water fountains and coffee shops but no restrooms.

Walking slow has few advantages but one is that by the time I get to baggage claim the bag has arrived. No, wrong. The baggage delivery was as slow as Miami Airport which means 45 minutes.

I did like the large mini bar contains all kinds of drinks. Passengers just walked a few steps and could get their own drinks Works well because supposed to walk around as much as possible (and wear compression socks which take longer to put on than it takes to shower, shave and get dressed. My trainer is working with me so I do not run out of breadth putting on the damn socks.


I have need of a minor roof repair too small a job for a roofer. I am told a good repairman can do it but my repairman does not have a big ladder and it is a two story house. Can anyone help?

I am trying to charm a busy qualified roofer to do it. However, I appear to be an underdog. ————————-

Got to hotel without incident. They were nice and upgraded my accommodation. On club floor which I like.


Big win for Marlins yesterday evening series with Phillies. This time Puk did not blow the save. Very smart of Manager to put him back in after he blew two saves giving up two and then three runs in late innings.


Had a very nice early dinner with Barbara’s Brother at a neighborhood Italian restaurant. All the food was excellent and the time spent with Joe more than worthwhile.


Before leaving for dinner, I watched most of one of my favorite baseball movies “The Pride of the Yankees”. I loved Lou Gehrig, Gary Cooper and the movie when I was a kid, and still love it.


Today lunch with Jim Stafford, my all time favorite client and case. Then daughter Beth who has been at a wedding about two hours from San Francisco will be with me. We have no particular plans


One of the things I like about being in CA is the time change. The Marlins’ game today will start at 10 a.m.

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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