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Sunday, July 30, 2023

It is with a heavy heart that I write this tribute to my friend and colleague Gary Silverman, of Reno, Nevada. Gary has elected, fully compos mentis, not to fight a medical battle for several months that his doctors say he cannot win, and to pass away in the next few days at home with his loved ones around him. Gary’s big heart is no longer strong enough to sustain itself.

Gary has stopped taking his medicines, made his peace with his family and friends, and will go to that great courtroom in the sky, without pain sometime in the next few days. Gary has asked me to write about him while he can still know what I would say at his funeral. Gary and I have been extraordinary friends for many years. Our families are inextricably intertwined. He has been a “top shelf” friend whom I will never forget. Our friendship has been one of my life’s treasures. If I shot someone, he would hide the gun for me and I for him. You can always trust a good friend and no one was more trustworthy than Gary.

Our first connection was through the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Gary has always been considered a top lawyer in Nevada (He represented the Governor’s Wife ) but throughout the country. When I needed the wisdom of a great lawyer in a big case I had in California who was not afraid to challenge me, I first looked to Gary who dropped just about everything else he was doing and come to San Francisco to help me. We also ate dim sum about four times a week. Gary rarely met Chinese food he did not like.

Gary was dedicated to everyone of his clients and had the respect of every judge before whom he appeared. He was particularly generous in giving help, without charge, to what he called “baby lawyers”. My friend was a credit to our profession in every way. He was diligent, honest and ethical and always did his best. He made a huge positive difference in the lives of countless clients and colleagues.

My friend was one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He was well-read, well travelled, wrote a play, and was always well dressed.

Gary has extraordinary children and extraordinary friends. Special kudos go to Trish, his brilliant companion for the last several years. She brought immense, well-deserved joy into his life, has loved him deeply, and been with him step for step throughout this last tragic segment of Gary’s life journey.

Gary told me yesterday that I taught him what friendship was all about, and that I was as fine a human being as he had ever met. I said I felt the same way about him. At the conclusion of this fearful call, we said that we loved each other, and I concluded as my Mother did every time we spoke—-God Bless You.. Those were my last words to Gary.

The world will be losing a person of immense talents who is leaving us far too early, but having made his mark on so many. Please take the time to pay tribute to our dear friend while he is still fully cognizant of everything.

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