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Sunday, July 3, 2022

No one should be surprised that Cassidy Hutchinson is being demeaned as a social climbing nobody. That is standard procedure for Trump. Everything is a witch hunt, the worst in history, etc.etc. What I am waiting for, and what I am guardedly optimistic will happen, is that some big shot decides he or she has had enough and comes forward to bury Trump once and for all. It will not be Flynn, or Bannon or Stone. There is some chance it could be Meadows, but my money is on some lawyer who decides perjury is a serious crime and that risking his or her ticket to practice is not worth it. Giuliani is too far gone but Cippolone is a viable candidate.


On the news was a story about a woman who has cancer, but could not begin her chemotherapy until she had an abortion. This cancer patient had to travel to another State to get the needed abortion. She was 10 years old. Most doctors think that cancer patients do better when their stress is minimized. We just cannot let the Republicans get further control. They, themselves, are a cancer.


What is coming are laws that make it a crime to help people get abortions in places where they are legal. These laws should be declared unconstitutional, but I no longer trust our court system and you cannot trust the system either.

What could be coming is “an abortion underground” much like the underground formed in WW2 to fight the Nazis. Today’s underground will be composed of doctors and nurses willing to break the law in order to save the lives of their patients. Of course, we. can then expect spies (that is, traitors to the cause) willing to turn others in to collect the reward. We will have new heroes and others who will carry the stigma of being the equivalent of Nazi Sympathizers. If Bogart and Bergman were still alive, we could have a modern day Casablanca.

The movie would be set in Alabama instead of Morocco, and the bar would be Bubba’s Place instead of Rick’s Place. The rednecks would sing “Dixie” while the patriots would sing “America”. The letters of transit would be for California, New York or Massachusetts instead of Portugal.

Lazlo could be played by, maybe, DiCaprio. Pacino could take the Peter Lorre role. I would keep “As Time Goes By,” but replacing Dooley Wilson will be tough.


How could the Fraternal Order of Police endorse Rubio? I will have trouble ever writing a check to this organization.

Query: What concessions, if any, did we make to Turkey to obtain Turkey’s consent to Finland and Sweden joining NATO? I think Biden deserves huge kudos, because the Republicans like Cruz and Hawley would be screaming their heads off if they thought Biden made a bad deal. The silence must mean Biden made a great deal.


I am so sore from my recent three workouts with my trainer I can hardly move. Barbara is cheering.


My friend Bill Duker summed up a few things with one of his poems Saturday:

A man with power dropped bombs to kill

A court with power over women exercised its will

A former President committed high crimes and treason

They all said they had their very own reason.

Africans were starving and babies couldn’t cry

Conspiracies were spread based on a silly lie

The government covered up the reason people got sick

We have the right but there’s no one to pick.

People died in the back of a truck

They had a long streak of very bad luck

They tried to avoid a wall that we built

Without water, even a flower will wilt

Women were brutally beaten by men

Black lives didn’t matter now or then

Racism and prejudice were out where they could be seen

No one was left with hands that were clean.


Maybe not in my lifetime, but there could come a time when Americans will need their passports to travel from State to State. Not only that, but women are going to need visas and in order to obtain them, they will need to take a pregnancy test. Those pregnant will not be allowed to travel. Moreover, any Spouse or partner will have to sign an affidavit that the pregnancy was unknown to him or her. If they lie, they will be charged with the crime of aiding and abetting a felony.

Sounds like “The Twilight Zone”, but the more I think about it, the less likely I am wrong. In fact, I may only have to live a year or less to see a State, maybe Alabama, try to do something very close to what I have written. Write this down some place: “That nut Miller predicted on July 3, 2022 that travel between States would be restricted”.


Go Ukraine and vote like our lives depend upon it.

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