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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Although they will die in the Senate, the House has passed pro abortion legislation. I believe only three Republicans voted for it. Just writing what I wrote is only somewhat effective.

The television station I was watching put upon the screen a picture of the floor of the House with pictures of the desks of the house members and the numbers on the screen.

We receive in our mail a minimum of two or three political ads for particular candidates. There is considerable information on these ads, generally including a picture of the candidate’s family, including the dog.

I think every Democratic candidate should target the abortion issue, and instead of a picture of the dog, have a picture of the votes on abortion showing that virtually every Republican voted against it. I would then point out the facts that these Republicans were ignoring the views of their constituents. This very material fact should not be overlooked.


It is bothersome to me, but apparently not to as many others as I would hope, that our society is embracing violence as a legitimate political tool. That is what used to be called “fascism”. I thought that was wrong.


My friend Bruce Wilder, both a neurosurgeon and a lawyer, asked me, “What happened to the two unnamed Secret Service agents who were 'prepared' to testify that the grabbing of the steering wheel or the physical assault of the driver didn’t happen?” .

The Supreme Court has now lost all of its luster. The Secret Service is not far behind. My fervent hope is that I do not have to say the same thing about The Department of Justice.


Yesterday’s post has thus far been shared by 21 readers. That is, by far, the most enthusiastic response I have had to my daily posts. Thank you very much.

One conservative reader criticized what I wrote saying he agreed with Manchin and Sinema. I wrote back asking him if his daughter would die if she did not have an abortion, whether he would consent to the abortion. I have not received a response.


I needed a lift Saturday because the Marlins got shutout 10-0. They simply are not hitting the ball.

There was a 4:10 start to the game. When we went to eat at 6 p.m., all the food in the PNC Club had been taken down. That makes no sense.

One more game today before the All Star break. I will go with daughter Beth, Walter and a grandchild to be named.


I am beginning to sense a ground swell, particularly among the women voters, that the overturning of Roe finally got their attention. Abortion can be a complex issue as one drills down on it, but the issue has actually be made considerably more simple due to the fact that the Republicans have become pigs and are taking such extreme positions that lots of people are thinking “whoa, you have gone too far”.


Yesterday my trainer really gave me a workout. I was stretched so hard, I felt tortured and yelled, “I’ll tell you where the bomb is hidden!" I am pleased with the progress I am making, but my Wife is not. Oh well, I cannot always meet expectations.


I saw one poll that indicated 50% of Republicans would no longer vote for Trump. That is somewhat encouraging but not great. It means that millions still support him.

People, that is really an outrage. The man tried to steal an election. People died. Our government almost fell over a cliff. Donald J. Trump should be tried and convicted and spend the rest of his life in jail. No one should be above the law.


Go Ukraine, and vote as if your life depends upon it.

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