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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Saturday could have been a really good day, but tragedy struck. Our friend Gail Margolis died. Just a few months ago, her Husband Ed Snyder, a great friend, part of our baseball group and a top matrimonial lawyer suddenly died of Covid. He missed his daughter’s wedding. Then Gail broke her leg and she missed the wedding, it is not entirely clear what happened during her rehab, but she developed an infection and a few days ago, we were advised she was in hospice. I said to a mutual friend “she may be dying of a broken heart."


Gary Silverman is still in the hospital. I keep expecting him to be released. Now he says “Monday". I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Watched Wimbledon finals. How an unseeded player won is beyond me. Today, before we leave for the airport, Beth and I will watch the men’s finals. Should be a great match.

Yesterday, I just hung out for most of the day. Stopped eating rich food. I have been gone from home a week, and enough was enough.

Have a lot of great things to say about Reno. I think everyone in our group wants to come back here. Actually, we never walked outside the Atlantis so, arguably, we were at the Atlantis and could have been in Des Moines or anywhere.

The staff is great and could not try harder to please. The quality of the food is as good as in Vegas. Oysters that are $6 in Vegas are $3 here.

In Vegas, phones are not allowed at the tables. There are a bunch of other stupid rules. At the Atlantis no one cares. There are over a dozen great places to have lunch. Room service is a third the price but three times as fast The vast majority of patrons wear shorts even in the fanciest places and the comps for players are exceedingly generous to the extent that we can come back and just the comps that they offered to carryover, will pay for an entire trip.

If the shows of Vegas are important, go there if you want to have a really fun time without nearly the pressure to risk more than is sensible at this time in my life, Reno is far better.

Two things that I need to point out. It is much harder to travel to Reno from the east coast than it is to travel to Vegas. Reno’s elevation is 4500 feet. Vegas is 2000. I have to be sure I can handle that extra 2500 feet. I know not to go to Breckinridge, which is 9600. Anyway, I will do what my doctor says.

Finished very close to even for the entire trip. Odds at crap table more favorable to player than at Venetian or Wynn. —————————-

Today is a travel day which will begin at 1p.m. Reno time.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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