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Sunday, January 8, 2023

I had almost my whole post written underneath the picture Barbara posted when I lost it so I am starting all over again and forging the incorporation of the picture in this post. I will share the picture, however.

Loved spending time with Joe and Shelley Miklas. Proved once again that I have not really changed. The people I liked 30 or 40 years ago I still like and Vice versa. We also still love Key West, and even drove to see the southern-most point in the United States, where there were huge crowds.

Key West was our first port. Today is a sea day and Monday we are in our second port, Belize.

Barbara did not like the coffee pot in our cabin. The ship did not have what she wanted so we were told our choice was to live with what we had or go buy our own coffee pot. We chose the latter and when we went to reboard our ship, security confiscated our newly purchased coffee maker, telling us it was forbidden to bring on electrical appliances of this nature. Those who know me well do not have to guess that this went over with me a little worse than a pork chop at a kosher wedding.

I explained to security, but to no avail, that I was told to buy this coffee maker. Security said they would check and then deliver the coffee maker to our cabin. It did not arrive after more than an hour, and I had to go to a top person at Guest Services whom I knew to be extremely able and got things done. She arrived with our purchase a few minutes later, but accompanied by a member of either the bomb squad and/or the fire department, to make sure Winn Dixie did not sell us whatever. Our coffee maker was installed and tested before everything was approved.

The cruise line then had a really nice party poolside with a live band, sumptuous food including unlimited Ossetra caviar, and great drinks. This is the “good news”. The bad news is that Seabourn apparently does not want to pay what fees are necessary for passengers paying a king’s ransom for a cruise to watch the NFL playoff games. I am seeing if maybe I can get Seabourn to change its mind.

After the pool part, we went back to the really nice piano bar. Even though only the second day, it was easy to discern who the regulars would be. Two really nice couples said I could join them in the main dining room for dinner, my first visit, and I did. Barbara, who ate lunch and then caviar, went to the gym. I really liked both couples, and both the men and the women. I often say “elephants don’t marry giraffes” and, thus far, I have found that both the husband and wife were nice, smart, entertaining, and otherwise good company.

Today, even though we were all tested for Covid no more than 48 hours before embarking, we are being tested again this morning. Hopefully, the mask requirement will be removed.

Tonight Barbara will join me for dinner at Thomas Keller’s specialty restaurant which is the only dining place where one needs a reservation. I made this reservation several months ago when Mike and Jalayne were planning to join us.

We are getting settled in. ———————— Go Ukraine

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