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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Seabourn is televising all the playoff games. Not sure how it finally got done, but it did.

After a competitive first half, the 49’s murdered Seattle. Second game was a great game. Jacksonville came from a 27 to 0 deficit and beat the Chargers in the last second 31 to 30. In my view, the coaching made the difference. I had thought the first game would be more enjoyable, but what do I know?

We ate in our cabin so we could watch the games. Got to bed very late.

Today, they televise three games, so I do not intend to spend a lot of time off the ship in Panama City.


These daily posts are now back on my website and can be accessed for free at Some readers to not use Facebook.


Had a small salad, some plain grilled shrimp, and about four ounces of grilled sea bass with no sauces, just fresh lemon; no alcohol at all the entire day, and did manage to get my weight under control.

The real significance of being able to watch three football games is not the games themselves, but that the day is just not focused on the delicious food and unlimited drinks of all kinds provided by the cruise line. I mean there is unlimited very drinkable champagne and caviar. One has to drink Johnny Walker Blue before paying which means really top shelf drinks are provided. The crew, which out numbers the passengers, is dedicated 100% to pleasing the passengers.

I would guesstimate that more of the passengers than not on this cruise have over 200 nights of cruising just on Seabourn. I have met no one whose preferred cruise line is another one


Admittedly, this is very obtuse. It is because the incident I am referring to invades another’s privacy and it is not up to me to discuss or even divulge. My purpose in saying anything at all has nothing to do with what happened.


I can say that it is almost certain, there are seldom any guarantees, that what occurred has a happy ending. A couple of days ago, someone very near and dear to us had a major problem that was truly life threatening. Between Barbara and me, even though we were on a cruise ship, we were able to get two people back in Florida to immediately get back to us, and then to drop everything to help successfully solve the problem.

We owe these two people big time. Put another way, in the context of my gambling, I have two huge markers outstanding. Neither of these two individuals owed me. In other words, I was not holding any kind of marker from either of them. In fact, it would not be wrong to say there was a time when they could have considered me adverse to them. That was probably 25 years ago.

What was so rewarding to me was that, literally, a life was saved because two people, who did not have to do it, helped us. Barbara and I and many others will be forever grateful. What really came home to me, and my purpose for writing this, is to convey to my readers this important life’s lesson: Try never to burn any bridges unless absolutely necessary. Life is not a short river that only turns once.

I have never been the kind of person who gets so mad at another to never have anything more to do with that person. Not everyone is like that. In my own life, I have two individuals who will never talk to me who, I think wrongfully, hate me to the point they refuse to even be semi-cordial when we meet, and Barbara has a friend who refuses to even say hello to me.

Sorry, I just don’t get it. Hard to get much more socially stupid than that. Most people would say hello to a serial killer if they were not in danger.

I used to say about Barbara, “She can forgive and forget, but she cannot forget what she forgave"

. Amen


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine 

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