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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Are you reading about Ann Coulter? There are some really terrible people out there but this woman has to be a medalist. Whether she wins the gold is debatable, but she is up there on the winner’s stand somewhere.


I am taking suggestions for things to do and see and places to eat in Melbourne, Australia. We are there for two days and one night


Have given up on trying to leave the ship for one night in Bunbury, Australia. I believe Seabourn did what it could to assist us, but Australian Immigration has no office at this port and would not cooperate. Normally, I can get this kind of thing done, but not this time. No one can win them all.


Did not win my first poker tournament on board yesterday, but came in second and won enough money to go to the movies and buy a large popcorn. It was a very good game. All 8 players were seasoned poker players who knew what they were doing.

Did not win trivial pursuit today, but I really enjoy playing. They serve popcorn and potato chips and anything one wants to drink. I drink only Perrier but I sit in the same seat each day and my drink is at my place when I sit down. It is that kind of service that makes the majority of passengers so loyal to Seabourn.

Not everything is perfect. The day before last, I ordered toast and the bread was toasted on only one side. That is hard to do. Yesterday, my fresh squeezed orange juice was not even close to be fresh squeezed. In fact, it was so bad, I am not sure where it came from


Yesterday the waters were pretty choppy, but our cabin is in the very middle of the ship which is the place to be.

Last night the chef made me a salt free dinner including soup which is always made with at least some salt. I ate in our cabin. They tried to please me, but dinner was 45 minutes late and mediocre at best. The soup was unidentifiable not what they told me it would be an uneatable. I asked the waiter what is was supposed to be and he could not identify either. Oh well, it is not like I have never eaten more than my share of great meals.


Today is another sea day. Although I previously wrote that weather could prevent us from visiting one or both scheduled ports in New Caledonia, the Captain told me yesterday, we would be fine and not miss these ports.

Lost another hour last night.

I have read much less than I thought I would read and much less than I read on our first around the world cruise. I think one reason, but not the only one, is that I am reading much less fluff, many fewer “beach books” if you will, and it takes much longer to learn something than to just enjoy.


The ship is now rocky enough that as I lie in bed writing this and intending to read, I can feel myself falling asleep. Barbara is already long gone but she has a reason to be tired. There is no way to know, but I would not bet against the proposition that she has spent more hours in the gym on this cruise which began January 6 than any other 100 passengers cumulatively.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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